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Holistic, Immersive Solutions for Your Talent Development Needs

Our Approach

Learn |  Apply  |  Transform

Our Solutions:  Industry Leading, Immersive Tech Training Catalog

Our courseware isn’t like the other talent development and training companies. Not only do we provide an entirely extensive and hands-on course catalogue, but we write and maintain our own courseware. We constantly repeat Learn, Apply, Transform for a reason. A simple one, but it rings true from the moment we founded nTier to this very day. We practice what we preach. We take tried and true methods proven by the  most recent theories of cognitive neuroscience and Training from the Back of the Room and constantly strive to implement them in each and every course we write. Let us show you the difference between the true talent development experts and everyone else that simply says they are…

Our Experience: Seasoned Practitioners to Accelerate Your Learning Curve

Proven Methods:

Experience tell us that in order to quickly build affordable and high-quality software, teams need a standard skill set, optimized collaboration and knowledge of the latest technologies and methodologies.


Every team and project is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all training solution. We believe customization is vital to successful learning because it ensures the solution directly supports your goals and needs.

Engaging Delivery:

Although virtual learning can be successful when delivered correctly, we believe in the power of a traditional classroom setting. Retention increases when a knowledgeable trainer engages with students in-person.

Instant Improvement:

Students should leave a corporate training experience with new knowledge they can immediately apply to their work. That’s why we believe in hands-on training solutions that incorporate real-word challenges..

Our Commitment:

nTier Training was founded in 2006 on the core belief that there is a superior way to train technical teams. Headquartered in Atlanta, nTier’s community of experts designs custom learning solutions and delivers on-site training around the globe to help clients complete projects better, faster and cheaper than ever before.

  • Instructors and Coaches with Real-World Experience 100% 100%
  • Repeat Customers 90% 90%
  • Overall Client Satisfaction 96% 96%

Our Leadership Team

P.S…They’re pretty cool, don’t be afraid to reach out and start a conversation!

Ed Lance
President  & CEO

Ed Lance brings more than 25 years of hands-on programming experience to corporate training engagements. He joined the tech industry in the late 90s and in short order was fortunate enough to have a seat at Ken Schwaber’s first Scrum Master class while onsite at Microsoft.

Ed went on to spend five years at Sears – initially as a developer and later as a trainer and curriculum developer facilitating seminars and in-house courses on Java and Agile fundamentals – followed by nearly two years as a trainer and courseware developer at Keane (now NTT Data). Ed learned early on that a trainer can never stop being a developer; that skill set must constantly be honed, and this is the basis on which he formed nTier Training in 2006.

Charles Morris
Director of Marketing & Sales

Charles is  a communicator, marketing department  leader, and growth analyst. Writing, speaking, presenting, analyzing data, copywriting, creating relevant content, UX, funnel optimization, A/B testing, email campaigns, and more for nTier.

Charles  knows how to work with people to lead a team to achieve their goals and discover and communicate with an audience applicable to their industry. He’s always had a passion for creative marketing solutions for the tech industry and start-ups, which has translated well to our leadership team since day one. With over a decade of marketing experience at only 29 years old, we are excited to see how far he can continue to elevate nTier! 

Heidi Leithleiter
Director of Customer Service & Sales Account Manager

Heidi leads our customer facing roles as well as helping with operations and recruiting. She ensures your training arrives on time and as promised, and is always there to answer on questions if not. After spending years in the restaurant industry, her willingness to help our clients in a friendly and patient manner is one of our biggest strengths. 

Like our thoughts on training, she’s passionate and real and helps keep us all on track. As our jack of all trades, the former history major plans our team bonding trips, orders nTier swag for our vendors and team, and is always willing to lend a hand regardless of what or when you ask.


Morgan Lance
Director of Operations & Lead Technical Trainer

Starting as just a part-time administrative assistant with nTier and moving into technical training and eventually operations, it’s fair to say Morgan has truly had a hands on approach in everything we do. As such, she’s a great resource for our team in that she’s essentially a walking nTier encyclopedia. She’s become a great and consistent resource not just internally, but for our extensive list of trainers and vendors as well.

Even with her transition to our leadership team, she’s still very much an active technical trainer to this day for Agile and our project management tools so even though she’s usually your first point of contact, you never know what time zone you’ll find her in!


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