Introduction to Python

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The Introduction to Python course is intended to teach students how to program using Python. This course is tailored for students that already have little to some programming knowledge in any other language because of its fast-paced nature. The course uses Python3 but can be custom-tailored to use Python2 if necessary.


This course is appropriate for individuals and organizations seeking to learn the basics of programming in Python version 3. Students are expected to begin the course with at least some programming knowledge. Pre-work can be provided to students with no programming experience.
Course Duration:
4 days


Little to some programming knowledge in any programming language.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participants should:

  • Understand Python’s history, use cases, and quirks
  • Install Python and navigate an IDE
  • Create and use Python’s common data types
  • Store and manage data in common Python data structures
  • Perform arithmetic operations in Python
  • Control the flow of execution in Python
  • Create and invoke Python functions
  • Use Python’s built-in modules
  • Write scripts in Python that collect user input and output results
  • Handle, create, and raise exceptions
Course Outline:

Part 1: Introduction to Programming in Python

  • What is Python?
    • The History of Python
    • Job Outlook
    • The Rise of Popularity
  • Comparison of Popular Languages
    • Benefits of Python
    • Python’s Unique Quirks
    • The Negatives
  • Utilizing Python’s Libraries
  • The Python Environment
    • Language Features
    • Install Python
    • Set up Visual Studio Code
  • Creating Python Modules
  • Hello, World!
  • Introduction to Common Terms
  • General Syntax
  • Keywords
  • Finding Help

Part 2:  Variables, Data Types, and Operators

  • Python Variables
    • Identifiers
    • Assignment Operator
    • Dynamic Typing
    • Global vs. Local
  • Fundamental Data Types
    • Booleans
    • Numeric Types
    • Strings
    • Sequences
    • Binary Sequence Types
    • Set Types
    • Mapping Types
  • Type Conversion
  • Literals
  • Operators
    • Arithmetic
    • Assignment/Compound Assignment
    • Comparison
    • Logical
    • Membership
    • Identity
    • Bitwise/Bitshift
  • Complex Expressions
    • Operator Precedence
  • Built-in Math Functions
  • Comments

Part 3: Flow Control

  • Conditional Statements
    • if, elif, else
    • Ternary Operators
    • match (Python3.10+)
    • Logical Operators
  • Looping Statements
    • while
    • for
    • Using else on Loops
  • Scope
  • Nesting Loops
  • Controlling Loop Execution
    • break
    • continue

Part 4: Strings

  • Single vs. Double Quotation Marks
  • Index of Strings
  • Slicing Strings
  • Splitting Strings
  • Concatenation
  • String Interpolation
  • String Methods
  • String Functions

Part 5: Functions and Modules

  • What is a Function?
  • Defining Functions
  • Input to a Function
    • Parameters vs Arguments
    • Number of Parameters
  • Special Arguments
    • Arbitrary Arguments
    • Keyword Arguments
    • Arbitrary Keyword Arguments
    • Default Arguments
  • The Return Statement
  • Best Practices
  • Python Modules
    • Create Modules
    • Import Modules
    • Aliasing Modules
    • Scope
  • Python’s Built-in Modules
    • Dates and Times
    • Opening and Reading Files
    • Random
    • sys Module
  • The dir() Function
  • Python Packages
  • Introduction to pip

Part 6: Exceptions

  • What are Exceptions?
  • The Exception Hierarchy
  • Common causes of Exceptions
  • Handling Exceptions
    • try
    • except
    • finally
    • else Statement on try-except Constructs
  • Create custom Exceptions
  • Raise Exceptions

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