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Technical Training

High impact, custom technical training solutions to:

  • Accelerate your team’s learning curve
  • Build hands-on technical mastery
  • Solve real-world problems

Ways of Working

Hands-on Agile Training to help your organization:

  • Align and prioritize more clearly
  • Collaborate and innovate consistently
  • Deliver targeted value to your customers faster

Integrated Talent and
Development Strategies

End-to-End advisory services to:

  • Identify key emerging tech trends
  • Develop focused talent development strategies
  • Optimize your strategy through data-driven insights

Technical Training

Accelerate Your Learning Curve


  • Highly immersive technical training courses focused on accelerating your team’s applied learning curve
  • nTier content custom developed by leading industry practitioners
  • Based on proven cognitive learning best practices and 15+ years of applied learnings
  • Taught by expert Practitioners


  • Adult learning and retention is all about real world application and applied mentorship
  • Our courses incorporate hands-on, targeted exercises for every key concept covered
  • Course exercises focus on real-world challenges, enabling increased retention and practical application
  • Exercises can also be customized by industry and client
  • Bottom Line: The brain science and active coaching that makes concepts stick


  • Technology done well transforms the way we deliver value to customers and lead organizations
  • nTier’s focus is to compress our student’s journey from learning, to applying, to ultimately redefining what “Great Looks Like” in their respective industries

But Don't Just Take it from Us...


  • “nTier’s training methods were so refreshing they almost seemed crazy at first.  After seeing the faster pace of project delivery  with substantially fewer errors, we knew there could be no going back. They’ve trained more than  3,000 of our developers over a decade, and  helped change our industry as a whole.”  
    – Fortune 50 Insurance Agency

Agile Ways of Working

Collaborate, Innovate and Deliver Faster

Sync departmental learning efforts with a customized corporate training strategy or onboarding program for your technical talent.


  • Highly immersive Agile training focused on helping organizations Innovate, Prioritize, Align, Collaborate and Deliver more effectively
  • World’s most comprehensive Agile course offerings, based on 15+ years of iterative testing and refinement across 1,000’s of students
  • Courses for every Agile Role and Area of Focus across your business


  • Light on theory, heavy on practice!
  • Customized for high-impact application of real-world context
  • Integrated, facilitated “quick start” exercises enable students to rapidly apply learnings and benefit from focused, applied coaching
  • Exercises can also be customized by industry and client


  • Start with learning and applying, but ultimately move to Being Agile, not just Doing Agile
  • To achieve this, we work to enable Agile Champions across your organization, ultimately responsible for scaling Agile across the full breadth of your organization

Let's Hear Their Transformation Story...

  • “They came into a fully waterfall shop and convinced not only our leadership team, but also our development team to go all in with our Agile transformation. We 100%  credit this acceptance to the engaging, active, and fun labs they provided throughout the training.”
    -Fortune 500 Media Company

Integrated Tech
Talent Development Strategies

Shaping the Future of Work Together


  • Explore emerging trends in Technology, Industry, and Talent Development solutions
  • Architect targeted Talent Development strategies, based on your specific opportunities and needs
  • Create high-impact multi-modal learning options, where team members can select the most effective and efficient learning paths for their specific learning styles
  • Leverage data-driven insights to evolve and optimize your Talent Development strategies


  • Launch, test, and evolve your Talent Development strategy based on real-world feedback and results
  • Areas of focus to include:
  • Integrated Talent Development Roadmaps
  • Multi-modal Talent Development offerings
  • High Impact Communications Plans
  • Rapid feedback loops
  • Quarterly refinement of your Talent Development strategy, roadmap, and offering



  • Play a key innovation and transformational role across your organization
  • Position your organization as an ‘Employer of Choice”
  • Ensure your organization’s most important asset, your people, remain at the heart of your transformation strategy

Let's Upgrade Your Talent


  • “We brought in nTier not only to fix some talent development problems, but also help us identify which problems we hadn’t seen yet. Through a series of evaluations, deep dive reviews and targeted team building exercises, they were able to identify our issues and then provide the necessary Agile and technical training to rapidly address them and take us to the next level.”
    -Fortune 500 Financial Company


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