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ATTENTION: Our next online, public instructor-led Jira Training and/or Confluence Training offering will be held once monthly over a two to three-day period. For specific times and dates, simply reach out using any of the links below and we will be with you in 24 hours or less. While we prefer on-site training, we can also host a private online course for any group of three or more on your schedule.


Our Instructors are business and process experts who are also experts in the Atlassian tool suite.

With our Jira training, you are:

  Enabling your organization and project teams to manage their work seamlessly across Jira and Confluence

  Ensuring your courseware is completely customized for your workflow regardless of methodology or framework

  Allowing your teams to visualize and self-organize around their work, becoming more predictable and consistent in the process.

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Comprehensive Jira and Confluence Training Solutions at nTier:

Empower Your Atlassian Journey

Looking for top-notch Jira training that caters to your specific needs? Need comprehensive Confluence classes for your enterprise team? Look no further. nTier offers a wide range of training solutions designed for enterprise Atlassian customers. Our globally accessible onsite and online instructor-led classes ensure that you can enhance your skills regardless of your location.

At nTier, we understand the diverse requirements of Jira and Confluence users. That’s why we have developed a variety of specialized courses tailored for power users, teams, product managers, project managers, and administrators. Whether you’re looking to master Jira project management, boost your proficiency in Jira software, or maximize collaboration with Confluence, our training solutions have got you covered.

What sets us apart is our practical approach. Our experienced team utilizes Atlassian products daily on real projects, giving us invaluable insights and practical ideas that we eagerly share in our classes. Unlike passive video or lecture-style courses, our curriculum incorporates extensive hands-on work and exercises. Leveraging the latest advancements in Cognitive Neuroscience and Training From the Back of The Room concepts, we create an engaging and effective learning experience. Students gain theoretical knowledge and ample practical experience, immersing themselves in real-world scenarios to manage projects and teams using these powerful tools.

Join us at nTier and experience the difference of learning through active participation. See for yourself how Jira and Confluence can transform your project management and collaboration processes. Take a step towards becoming a Jira and Confluence expert by enrolling in our comprehensive training solutions today.

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Tailored to Your Timeline and Goals: Customized Training Solutions

At nTier, we understand that every organization has unique requirements when it comes to Jira, Confluence, and other Atlassian tools. That’s why we offer fully customizable training options that can be tailored to fit your specific timeline and goals. Whether you’re seeking Jira training, Confluence expertise, or a combination of Atlassian tools for your project, agile team, or enterprise, we have you covered.

If you don’t find the exact course outline that aligns with your needs, there’s no need to worry. We go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction by building the perfect course customized just for you. Our experienced instructors will work closely with you to understand your specific objectives and design a training program from scratch that addresses your unique requirements.

By choosing our customized training solutions, you can maximize the value of your learning experience. We will create a curriculum that focuses on the areas that matter most to you, incorporating practical examples and scenarios relevant to your industry and workflow. This personalized approach ensures that you gain actionable skills and knowledge that directly impact your success.

Don’t settle for generic training programs that may not fully meet your needs. Let us tailor the training to your timeline and goals, providing you with a truly customized learning experience. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and let us build the perfect training course for you.

Jira and Confluence Essentials

Click on the links below to view course outlines, pre-requisites, course length and course objectives.


Learning Jira and Confluence with nTier has several advantages, including:

  We create our own course materials seamlessly integrating labs and exercises throughout the course to avoid boring lectures.

  We can flawlessly implement Agile or other project or product management frameworks into your Confluence and Jira training.

  Our experts understand Process Management and can help you customize and configure your workflows into Atlassian tools.

  We know Agile Transformations and how to leverage Atlassian tools to make transformations less difficult, more transparent, and data driven.

Ready to elevate your skills with customized Jira and Confluence training? Contact us now to discuss your specific requirements and let us build the perfect training program tailored to your timeline and goals. Don’t settle for generic courses — unlock the full potential of Atlassian tools with our personalized training solutions. Take the first step towards success and reach out to us today!


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