VMware vSphere Professional Camp (v6.0)

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This course is intended for new and experienced system administrators, system engineers, and system integrators with 1 to 3 years of experience working in an administration role seeking superior vSphere skills with minimal time away from the office
Course Duration:


Participants should have system administration experience on Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems and an understanding of concepts presented in the VMware Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals Course for VCA-DCV Certification.

Course Objectives:
  • Describe the software defined data center
  • Deploy an ESXi host and create a virtual machine
  • Describe vCenter Server architecture
  • Deploy a vCenter Server instance or VMware vCenter Server Appliance
  • Use vCenter Server to manage various types of storage
  • Manage virtual machines, templates, clones, and snapshots
  • Create a vApp
  • Describe and use the content library
  • Migrate virtual machines with VMware vSphere vMotion
  • Use VMware vSphere Storage vMotion to migrate virtual machine storage
  • Monitor resource usage and manage resource pools
  • Use VMware vRealize Operations Manager to identify and solves issues through analytics and alerts
  • Manage VMware vSphere High Availability and VMware vSphere Fault Tolerance
  • Use VMware vSphere Replication and VMware vSphere Data Protection to replicate virtual machines and perform data recovery
  • Use VMware vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler clusters to improve host scalability
  • Use vSphere distributed switches to improve network scalability
  • Use VMware vSphere Update Manager to apply patches
  • Perform basic troubleshooting of ESXi host, virtual machines, and vCenter Server Operations
Course Outline:
  • Course Introduction and Overview
    • VMware Certified Professional Course Introduction
    • Course Overview
    • Overview of Lab and Data Center Environment
  • Virtualization
    • Virtualization foundation
    • Exploring virtualization
    • IP Addresses
    • Business Opportunity
    • Cloud Overview


  • Introducing VMware
    • VMware vSphere Editions
    • VMware vSphere Features
    • Building a Virtualization Platform
    • Exploring vSphere Desktop Client
    • Exploring Web Client


  • Plan, Install, and Configure
    • Planning ESXi
    • Installing ESXi
    • Direct Console User Interface Overview (DCUI)
    • DCUI Administration Tasks


  • Virtual Machine
    • Planning a Virtual Machine
    • Provisioning a Virtual Machine
    • SCSI
    • Virtual Machine Paths
    • Creating a Virtual Machine Path
    • Virtual Machine Appendix


  • Exploring vCenter Server
    • Planning vCenter Server
    • Installing vCenter Server
    • Configuring vCenter Server
    • Manage vCenter Server
    • Single Sign-On Overview
    • Single Sign-On Deployment Methods
    • Troubleshooting vCenter Single Sign-On
    • Creating vCenter Server Folders


  • Networking & Switches
    • vSphere Networking Overview
    • Understanding Physical Switches
    • Understanding Virtual Switched
    • Switch Configurations
    • Standard vSwitch Settings
    • More Standard vSwitch Settings
    • vSphere Distributed Switches
    • Managing vSphere Distributed Switches
    • Troubleshooting Switches
    • Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN)
    • Private VLAN


  • Storage
    • vSphere Storage Overview
    • Installing vSphere Storage
    • Configuring vSphere Storage
    • Storage-Fibre Channel
    • Storage-VM File Systems
    • Network file Systems (NFS)
    • Solid State Drives
    • Storage Area Network (SAN)


  • Manage Virtual Machines
    • Basic VM Management
    • Resource Management
    • Virtual Machine CPU Management
    • Virtual Machine Reporting
    • Provisioning and Reclamation
    • VMware Converter
    • Manage vSphere vApps
    • vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler
    • DRS Clusters and Affinity Rules
    • vSphere Distributed Power Management


  • Clusters
    • vSphere Clustering
    • Microsoft Clustering


  • Business Continuity
    • Understanding Business Continuity
    • Latency
    • High Availability
      • Understanding High Availability
      • Configuring High Availability
    • Fault Tolerance
    • Templates and Clones
    • Snapshots


  • Backup and Disaster Management
    • Backup Options
    • Disaster Recovery Solution
    • Memory Management
    • Resource Pools
    • Permissions


  • Balancing Resource Utilization
    • Migrating Virtual Machines


  • Monitoring VMware vSphere Performance
    • Performance Monitoring
    • Performance Badges
    • Understanding What If Options
    • Performance Monitoring 3rd Party Tools
    • Alarms


  • Patching, Updating and Upgrading
    • Patch and Update ESXi and VMs
    • Upgrading ESXi and VMs


  • Troubleshooting
    • Troubleshooting ESXi Hosts
    • Troubleshooting Networking
    • Troubleshooting Storage
    • Troubleshooting VMs


  • Best Practices


  • Appendix
    • Appendix 1- Third Party Advanced Installation Options
    • Appendix 2- Distributed Switch Configuration and Management
    • Appendix 3- VMware vCloud Director

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