TIBCO Spotfire Developer Bootcamp comprehensively teaches the broad array of concepts required to effectively to use the TIBCO Spotfire SDK to extend the capabilities of TIBCO Spotfire clients by adding custom functionality.

This bootcamp training strives to achieve an academic style of education where learning is spread out over several weeks. This course is actually a bundle of individual courses, indicated by the section names below.

Audience: Developers who need to automate, integrate, or control the various features across the TIBCO Spotfire analytics platform
Course Duration: 11 days

This course assumes a general working knowledge of JavaScript.

Course Outline:
  • TIBCO Spotfire Developer Foundations
    • Receive an introduction to the C# language and an introduction to the .NET framework, build your first project


  • TIBCO Spotfire Automation APIs with C#
    • Learn how to configure the development environment, understand the Spotfire application object model, automate tasks with client APIs


  • TIBCO Spotfire Basic Extensions
    • Learn how to add basic tools, program calculations, troubleshoot extensions, build custom licenses


  • TIBCO Spotfire Advanced Extensions
    • Learn how to create a Document Node, develop Custom Visualizations , create data views


  • TIBCO Spotfire Web Player APIs
    • Learn how to automate, control, and integrate with webbased Spotfire clients


  • TIBCO Spotfire Automation APIs with IronPython
    • Learn how to add script controls to automate features and expand capabilities within a TIBCO Spotfire analysis document


  • Wrap-Ups and Labs
    • Experience some in-depth labs, wrap-up learning objectives