Test-Driven Development Using NUnit and C# (VS 2015)

Course Number:



Course Duration:
1 Day


The student should have a basic knowledge of the .NET Framework and experience programming in C# with Visual Studio.

Course Objectives:
  • Understand the principles of test-driven development
  • Acquire fluency in developing tests using the NUnit framework
  • Efficiently exercise tests suites using both GUI and command-line tools
Course Outline:
  • Test-Driven Development
    • What Is Test-Driven Development (TDD)?
    • Functional Tests / Customer Tests
    • Unit Tests / Programmer Tests
    • Test Automation
    • Simple Design
    • Refactoring
    • An NUnit Test Drive
    • TDD with Legacy Code
  • NUnit Fundamentals
    • Structure of Unit Tests
    • NUnit Framework
    • Assertions
    • Test Cases
    • Test Fixtures
    • Test Runners
    • Ignoring Tests
    • Setup and TearDown
    • Test Fixture Setup and TearDown
    • NUnit GUI Tool
    • NUnit with Visual Studio
  • More about NUnit
    • Exceptions
    • Debugging NUnit Tests
    • Custom Asserts
    • Categories
    • NUnit Console Tool
    • Refactoring

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