Spring MVC, Security and Web Services

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2 days


Course Objectives:
Course Outline:

Spring MVC Primer

  • The WebApplicationContext and the ContextLoaderListener
  • Model View Controller
  • Front Controller Pattern
  • DispatcherServlet Configuration –Java Config
  • Controllers, RequestMapping
  • Getting at the Request, @RequestParam, @RequestHeader, @CookieValue

Spring Security

  • Authentication
    • The <http> Configuration
    • The <intercept-url> Constraint
    • The <form-login> Configuration
    • Login Form Design
    • “Remember Me”
    • Anonymous “Authentication”
    • Logout
    • The JDBC Authentication Provider
    • The Authentication/Authorization Schema
    • Using Hashed Passwords
    • Channel Security
    • Session Management
  • URL Authorization
    • URL Authorization Overview
    • Programmatic Authorization: Servlets
    • Programmatic Authorization: Spring Security
    • Role-Based Presentation
    • The Spring Security Tag Library
  • Under the Hood: Authentication
    • The Spring Security API
    • The Filter Chain
    • Authentication Manager and Providers
    • The Security Context
    • Implementing UserDetailsService
    • Connecting User Details to the Domain Model
  • Under the Hood: Authorization
    • Authorization Overview
    • FilterSecurityInterceptor and Friends
    • The AccessDecisionManager
  • URL Authorization
    • Method Authorization
    • Using Spring AOP
    • XML vs. Annotations

RESTful, Development using Spring Framework

  • Core REST concepts and REST support in Spring 4.x
  • Use Spring-MVC to create RESTful Web services and clients
  • REST specific annotations in Spring
    • @ResponseBody and @RequestBody
      • Marshalling XML and JSON Objects
    • @PathVariable and URITemplates
  • Low level client access with HttpClient
  • Abstract client access with the RestTemplate
    • getForObject, postForEntity, exchange
    • UriComponentsBuilder and UriComponent
  • CONNEG – contract negotiation
  • Exchanging headers
  • Data Exchange, XML, JSON
  • Message Converters
  • Spring 4 specifics – @RestController and AsyncRestTemplate
  • Ajax invocation of Spring RESTful services

SOAP Web Services with Spring-WS (Optional)

  • Web services best practices
  • Contract First Web Services
  • SOAP and WSDL
  • Annotations – @Endpoint, @PayloadRoot, @RepsonsePayload, @RequestPayload
  • JDOM, DOM and JAXB services – Configuration and Definition
  • Publish a WSDL
  • Client access with WebServiceTemplate
  • Error handling

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