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Course Duration:
2 days


Course Objectives:
Course Outline:
  • Tasks and Scheduling
    • Overview of java.util.concurrent
    • Executors and Queues
    • ThreadPools and Queue options
    • Callable vs Runnable
    • Using a Future
    • TaskExecutor, SimpleAsyncTaskExecutor, SyncTaskExecutor,
    • ConcurrentTaskExecutor, SimpleThreadPoolTaskExecutor, TimerTaskExecutor
    • Spring Configuration with XML and Scheduling Executors Annotations @Scheduled and @Async.
    • Spring 4 scheduling
    • Configuring Quartz Jobs
  • Working with JMS
    • Sending and receiving messages using Spring JmsTemplate
    • Converters
    • Asynchronous receipt of messages – Message Driven POJO’s
    • Synchronous receipt of messages
    • MessageListeners and Adapters (Message listener containers)
    • Configuration namespace support
  • Spring Integration
    • Lightweight messaging within Spring-based applications
    • Messages and Channels
    • Pollers
    • Endpoints
      • Bridge, Service-activator, Gateway, Header and Payloadenrichers
      • Unidirectional and bidirectional
      • Router options, including SPEL
        • Routing based of Headers or Payloads
      • Message Driven Publishing and Message Driven Interceptors
    • Spring Integration – Going Further
      • Handling messages with XML payloads
      • Working with MessagingTemplate
      • Adapters, Splitters and Aggregators
      • Endpoint Chain
      • Using JMS Adapters
        • Sending Messages over JMS
        • Receiving Messages via JMS
      • Managing Concurrency
        • Scheduling
        • Configuring Pollers
        • TaskExecutors and TaskSchedulers
      • Integration with the Enterprise, Web Services
        • Delegation from a Spring MVC application
        • HTTP Endpoints
        • HttpRequestHandlerServlet
        • Inbound and OutBound Channel Adapters
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