This course teaches the concepts required to use the TIBCO Spotfire SDK to extend the TIBCO Spotfire Clients by adding custom functionality. Students will gain hands-on experience using the TIBCO Spotfire SDK to extend the TIBCO Spotfire Clients by building custom extensions like Tools and Calculations.

Audience: Developers who need to need to automate, integrate, or control the control various features across the TIBCO Spotfire Platform
Course Duration: 1 day

Students should participate in Spotfire Developer Essential Automation APIs with C# prior to this course and are expected to be proficient in C#.

Course Objectives:
  • Learn how add basic tools in a variety of contexts into TIBCO Spotfire Clients
  • Identify calculations that can be added into TIBCO Spotfire
  • Clients and how to program them
  • Learn how to create shortcuts to common visualization configurations
  • Understand what steps to take to troubleshoot your extensions
  • Learn how to build custom Licenses and how to apply licenses to your extensions
Course Outline:
  • Creating Basic Tools
  • Creating Custom Calculations, Expressions, and Aggregations
  • Creating Configured Visualizations
  • Troubleshooting your Extensions
  • Creating and Applying Licenses
  • Packaging and Deploying Extensions
  • Localization