This course is designed show Authors and Developers how to add Script Controls into their TIBCO Spotfire Analysis files. This includes a detailed walk-through of the IronPython language as it applies to Script Controls as well as a walkthrough of the TIBCO Spotfire Automation APIs. In addition, students will learn how to best create, distribute and share their Scripts.

Audience: Developers who need to automate, integrate, or control the control various features across the TIBCO Spotfire Platform
Course Duration: 1 to 2 days

We recommend students participate in Spotfire Analyst Essentials I, Spotfire Analyst Essentials II and Spotfire Analyst Advanced Configurations prior to taking this course.

Course Objectives:
  • Learn to add Script Controls into your TIBCO Spotfire Analysis
  • Learn the Automation APIs which allow you to automate a TIBCO Spotfire Analysis session
Course Outline:
  • Learning when to use Script Controls over the full SDK
  • Understanding IronPython syntax as it applies to the TIBCO Spotfire Automation APIs
  • Creating Script Controls inside a TIBCO Spotfire Analysis File
  • Passing in arguments into your Script Control using Properties
  • Understanding the TIBCO Spotfire Automation APIs
  • Best Practices for sharing and reusing your Scripts