This course provides an introduction to developing with the TIBCO Spotfire Client APIs using both Visual Studio 2005 and C#. Participants will gain an understanding of the client APIs that are required to develop with the TIBCO Spotfire platform. This course is focused more on the APIs and not the extensions, therefore an extension which has already been created will be used in labs.

Students will learn how to use the Application object inside the Client APIs to load data, save data, and reference the Document Object. They will learn about the most commonly used objects inside the Document Model, including pages, filters and visualizations. In addition, this course covers Data Model objects including Data Tables, Columns, Filters and Markings.

Audience: Developers who need to automate, integrate, or control the control various features across the TIBCO Spotfire Platform and are already comfortable developing software using Visual Studio and C#
Course Duration: 1 day

Students are expected to be proficient in C#.

Course Objectives:
  • Identify how to configure a development environment for the TIBCO Spotfire SDK
  • Understand the TIBCO Spotfire Application Object Model
  • Automate common tasks using the TIBCO Spotfire Client APIs
Course Outline:
  • Setting Up Your Development Environment
  • Document Model APIs
  • Data Model APIs