This course is designed to introduce system administrators, database administrators, and architects to the concepts behind TIBCO Spotfire Information Services. In this course, participants will gain the skills to combine data from disparate sources. This will allow end users to build analyses with little or no IT support

The options for how to connect enterprise data from Spotfire are presented in-depth, as well as how to enable and create connections using information links, native connectors and Advanced Data Services (ADS).

Audience: Administrators who need to establish connections to back-end data systems and expose information to users
Course Duration: 1 day
Course Outline:
  • Connection Methods and Options
    • Overview of Data Access Options for the Analyst Client
    • Using Enterprise Data Connections
    • Choosing In-Memory or In-Database
    • Appreciating the Underlying Data Table(s)
    • Loading Data on Demand
    • Securing Data Access


  • Information Services
    • What is an Information Link?
    • How to Set Up a Data Source and Create Elements
    • How to Create Information Links
    • Join Database Tables with Information Links
    • Create an Aggregated Column
    • Limit Queries with Reusable Elements
    • Use Prompts to Dynamically Limit Data
    • Personalize and Parameterize Information Links
    • Pivot Data on Client or Server
    • Edit Information Link SQL and Call Stored Procedures
    • Passing Property Values in Information Links


  • Native Connectors
    • Enable Connectors in Spotfire Analyst
    • Enable Connectors for Web Clients
    • Enable Connectors in Automated Services
    • Create Shared Elements for Native Connectors
    • Join and Remove Database Tables with Native Connectors
    • Load on Demand with a Native Connector
    • Use Custom Queries with Native Connectors


  • Advanced Data Services
    • Connect to Data using Advanced Data Services