This course teaches the essential concepts required to effectively install a new TIBCO Spotfire Server. Students will learn how to install and configure the base components required to support users of TIBCO Spotfire Analyst, TIBCO Spotfire Consumer, and TIBCO Spotfire Business Author clients.

Audience: Administrators who need to establish the TIBCO Spotfire server environment and gain a basic familiarity with all related components across the platform
Course Duration: 1 day
Course Outline:
  • Preparation and Installation
    • Understand the need to provide a database for the Spotfire Server
    • Prepare the database for server installation
    • Install the Spotfire Server


  • Configuration
    • Connect Spotfire Server to Spotfire Database
    • Configure Authentication and User Directory Modes
    • Create a new user and promote to role of Spotfire Administrator


  • Administration
    • Open Administration Console – Users, Groups, Deployment
    • Open Logs and Diagnostics – Server Log Files, Diagnostics, Troubleshooting
    • Tools – Download Server Configuration Tool
    • Install Analyst Client to access Administrative tools
    • Administration Manager – Users, Groups, Licenses, Preferences, Import/Export
    • Library Administration – Manage Library Content, Edit Folder Permissions, Import/Export
    • Understand the value of the Spotfire Library
    • Import stock Demo Examples, Geocoding Tables, and Sample Data Functions
    • Consider the default location for import and export of Library archives


  • Web Player Installation
    • Consider how Web Player Server acts as a centralized client for browser-based client users
    • Understand what is handled by Web Player Server and what is handled by the Spotfire Server
    • Install and test the Web Player Server


  • Advanced Configurations
    • Review base deployment of the TIBCO Spotfire platform
    • Add Automation Services, Advanced Data Services, and Statistics Services
    • Consider expanded deployment options with load balancers