This course teaches the essential concepts required to effectively perform administrator tasks on the TIBCO Spotfire Server. Material continues to build upon the installation which was performed in Spotfire Administrator Essentials I and covers topics related to ongoing configuration and administration of  the server environment.

Audience: Administrators who need to maintain an established TIBCO Spotfire server environment as an administrator of the application
Course Duration: 1 day

Students should take Spotfire Administrator Essentials I prior to participating in this course.

Course Outline:
  • Users and Groups
    • Learn how to create new Users
    • Create a new Group and briefly consider Licenses
    • Assign Users to Groups


  • Licenses
    • Consider the variety of features controlled by Licenses
    • Enable licenses for Analyst, Administrator, and browser-based client features
    • Understand that some licenses must be coordinated with Group assignment


  • Deployment
    • Deploy the latest updates and patches to your Spotfire server
    • Elect to force an update or allow users to update when convenient
    • Assign Groups of users to new deployment areas
    • Deploy the latest updates and patches to your Web Player server
    • Edit config file, run batch file, view log file


  • Library Administration
    • Understand the utility of the Library
    • Consider Library content from the perspective of different client users
    • Configure a user to be a Library Administrator
    • Learn where to adjust Library folder permissions for Users or Groups
    • Consider each permission level and what it allows users to do
    • Allow other users to adjust folder permissions
    • Organize Library content and consider Permissions
    • Backup / restore Library content
    • Move Library content across multiple servers


  • Logs and Diagnostics
    • View and analyze log files for server and client activities
    • Obtain diagnostic information about the server and access troubleshooting tools