SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.x

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This hands-on instructor-led course will give students the skills to create comprehensive SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.x reports. Students will learn how to analyze information, distribute information, and use the major reporting features of Web Intelligence.


This course is designed for business users who need to generate effective reports using SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.x.
Course Duration:
2 days


No prior reporting experience is required. Familiarity with Microsoft Office is helpful.

Course Objectives:

After completing the course, student will be able to:

  • Understand BusinessObjects terminology and features
  • Build complete Web Intelligence reports
  • Restrict data using filters
  • Use various presentation styles
  • Analyze data
  • Use advanced query techniques
  • Use report functions
  • Create report variables
  • Use the If Then Else statement
  • Use calculation contexts
  • Report from multiple data sources
  • Share information with colleagues
Course Outline:
  • Introduction
    • Training Objectives
    • Overview of BusinessObjects Tools
    • The Island Resorts Marketing Universe
    • Course Book Overview
    • Conventions Used In This Book


  • The BI Launch Pad
    • Starting the BI Launch Pad
    • Setting Preferences
    • Managing Documents
    • Customizing the BI Launch Pad


  • Creating Your First Report
    • Accessing the Island Resort Marketing Universe
    • Accessing the Data Provider – Your Universe
    • Data Area
    • Result Objects
    • Query Filters Area
    • Data Preview Area
    • Creating Your First Report
    • Arranging Objects on the Page
    • Questions for Discussion


  • Selecting and Filtering Data
    • Query Filters
    • Creating a Simple Query Filter
    • Creating Complex Query Filters
    • Creating User Prompts
    • Report Filters
    • Matches Pattern
    • Precedence – And/Or Conditions
    • Questions for Discussion


  • Evaluating Data
    • Sorting
    • Grouping
    • Calculations
    • Breaks
    • Ranking
    • Question for Discussion


  • Formatting Your Report
    • Formatting Cells
    • Special Fields
    • Conditional Formatting Setting Alerts
    • Working with Report Tabs


  • Working With Data
    • Saving the Report in Different Formats
    • Saving the Report in PDF Format
    • Saving the Report in Excel Format
    •  Saving the Report in CSV Format
    • Printing Your Report
    • Questions for Discussion


  • Charting
    • Creating Charts
    • Formatting Charts
    • Questions for Discussion


  • Analyzing Data
    • Multi Dimensional Cross Tables
    • Drill Through Analysis


  • Advanced Functions and Variables
    • Using Formulas
    • Creating Variables Using If ( ) Functions
    • Working with Functions
    • Aggregate Functions – Running Calculations
    • Date Functions – Day Name
    • Character Functions – Concatenation
    • Report Variable – Average Revenue


  • Advanced Queries
    • Creating Multiple Queries
    • Merging Queries
    • Using Sub-Queries
    • Question for Discussion


  • Viewing Your Reports
    • Report Scheduling
    • Sharing Reports
    • Questions for Discussion


  • Additional Resources
    • Additional Resources


  • Appendix 1 – Student Labs

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