SAP BusinessIntelligence 4 – Information Design Tool

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This hands-on instructor-led course will give students the skills to create comprehensive SAP BI 4.x Universes. Students will learn how to create, document, test, maintain, and distribute Universes which will meet the reporting needs of their organization.


This course is intended for users that are new Information Design Tool (IDT) users. It is designed for users of SAP BI 4.x.
Course Duration:
2 days


No prior IDT experience is required. Familiarity with database design and SQL is very helpful.

Course Objectives:

After completing the course, student will be able to:

  • Understand IDT terminology and features
  • Build complete Universes
  • Design, test, document, and deploy Universes
  • Create Universes which will meet the reporting needs of business users
Course Outline:
  • Introduction
    • Training Objectives
    • Overview of SAP BI 4.x Tools
    • Course Book Overview
    • Conventions Used In This Book


  • Getting Started with IDT
    • Starting IDT
    • Creating a Project
    • Defining a Database Connection
    • Creating a New Connection
    • Opening an Existing Universe


  • Creating a Data Foundation
    • Create a Data Foundation
    • Selecting Tables
    • Creating Joins
    • Editing Joins
    • Cardinality
    • Test Integrity
    • Self Joins
    • Shortcut Joins
    • Derived Tables


  • Resolving Join Issues
    • Resolving Join Problems
    • Solving Loop Issues
    • Aliases
    • Contexts
    • Creating a Context
    • Chasm Traps
    • Fan Traps


  • Creating a Business Layer
    • Creating and Editing Objects
    • Hiding Objects
    • Object Properties
    • Creating and Editing Measures
    • Formatting Objects
    • Creating Custom Objects
    • Creating Detail Objects
    • Prompt Objects
    • Creating Time Objects
    • Creating Condition Objects
    • Creating Objects from Database Functions


  • List of Values and Cascading Prompts
    • Customized LOV
    • Customizing an LOV from a File
    • Cascading Prompts


  • List of Values and Cascading Prompts
    • Customized LOV
    • Customizing an LOV from a File
    • Cascading Prompts


  • Performance Tuning
    • Aggregate Awareness
    • Setting Up Aggregate Awareness
    • Index Awareness
    • Using Hierarchies
    • Time Hierarchies
    • Building Default Hierarchies
    • Performance Tuning


  • Testing and Deploying the Universe
    • Testing the Universe
    • Refreshing the Universe Structure
    • Access Restrictions
    • Deploying the Universe
    • Documenting a Universe


  • Additional Resources
    • Additional Resources


  • Appendix – Student Labs


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