This course teaches participants to deploy basic system configurations using best practices for Puppet in a Master-Agent setup. The majority of class time is spent constructing scripts for different scenarios together as a class.

Course Duration: 2 days

Students need no prior experience with Puppet Enterprise or Puppet Open Source. However, familiarly with the command line, such as Bash or PowerShell, is required.

Course Outline:

Day One

  • Fundamental Component Roles that Make Up Puppet Enterprise (and Puppet Open Source)
  • Core Concepts for the Puppet DSL
    • Modules and Classes
    • Classification
    • Resources
    • Relationships
    • Language Constructs

Day Two

  • Separating Logic from Presentation Using Templates
  • Modeling Repeatable Portions of Your Configuration Using Defined Resource Types
  • Building a Foundation for Creating More Complex Configurations Using Advanced Classes
    • Parameterized Classes
    • Introduction to Inheritance
    • Introduction to Data Separation Using Hiera
    • Revisiting Classification Using Parameterized Classes and ADB
  • Introduction to Modules from the Puppet Forge and Supported Modules
  • Introduction to the Roles and Profiles Design Pattern