.NET Core Frameworks (VS 2017)

Course Number:



Course Duration:
2 Days


The student should be an experienced application developer or architect with a working knowledge of C#

Course Objectives:
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the philosophy and architecture of .NET Core
  • Understand packages, metapackages and frameworks
  • Acquire a working knowledge of the .NET programming model
  • Implement multi-threading effectively in .NET applications
Course Outline:
  • .NET Fundamentals
    • What is Microsoft .NET?
    • Common Language Runtime
    • Framework Class Library
    • Language Interoperability
    • Managed Code
    • .NET Core and Cross-Platform Development
  • Class Libraries
    • Components in .NET
    • Class Libraries Using Visual Studio
    • Using References
  • Packages and Frameworks
    • NuGet Packages and Gallery
    • Metapackages and Frameworks
    • Packages in .NET Core
    • Porting from Classical .NET to .NET Core
    • Visual Studio Package Manager
    • Installing Packages
    • Creating Packages
  • I/O and Serialization
    • Directories
    • Files and Streams
    • XML Serialization
  • Delegates and Events
    • Delegates
    • Random Number Generation
    • Anonymous Methods
    • Lambda Expressions
    • Events
  • .NET Programming Model
    • Garbage Collection
    • Finalize and Dispose
    • Processes
    • Command-Line Arguments
    • Threads
    • .NET Threading
    • Threading Fundamentals
    • ThreadPool
    • Foreground and Background Threads
    • Synchronization
    • Task Parallel Library
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