Lean Startup and Product Management

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In today’s business environment, project managers face mounting pressure to create better products, more suitable for and better loved by customers, faster than ever before. Organization’s need to respond to swift changes in the market, both technological and competitive, while remaining innovative. Lean product management is an integration of Lean and Agile concepts which allows product mangers to shorten time to market by improving their focus and communication with users, customers and research and development. This workshop includes interactive exercises and examination of real-world situations, covering the key factors for successful Lean product management implementation.


Product managers, managers and other roles who work with customers on product or project discovery and with research and development on delivery.
Course Duration:
2 days


A basic background in Agile is recommended.

Course Objectives:
  • Understand the basic principles of Lean startup
  • Learn to apply the Lean product process to product development and idea generation
  • Discover how to use a design sprint to answer tough business questions
  • Explore the concepts of radical collaboration to streamline product development
  • Examine techniques to building Lean teams
  • Discover how to apply Lean startup principles to enterprises
Course Outline:
  • Introduction
  • Lean Startup Overview
    • Case Studies – What Worked? What Didn’t?
    • Setting Up for Success
    • Common Wastes in Product Development
    • Hypothesizing and Innovating
    • Applying Lean Startup Principles to Enterprises
  • Lean Startup/Product Development Overview
    • Vision, Steer, Accelerate
    • The Lean Product Process
      • Product Market Fit
      • Problem Space Versus Solutions Space
      • The Process
      • Lean Product Canvas
  • Seven Steps to Creating a Successful Product
    • Picking a Customer
    • Creating a Portrait
    • Identifying Facts
    • Brainstorming Behaviors
    • Finds and Needs Goals
    • Identify Key Assumptions
    • Test
  • Iterate and Pivot
    • Pivot or Persevere
    • Failing to Pivot
    • Types of Pivots
  • The Design Sprint – Five Day Process for Answering Tough Business Questions
    • Design Ideas
    • Prototyping Ideas
    • Testing Ideas with Customers
  • Radical Collaboration
    • Intentions – Red Zone or Green Zone
    • Essential Skills
      • Truthfulness
      • Self-Accountability
      • Self-Awareness and Awareness of Others
    • Strategies for Success
    • Problem Solving and Negotiating as a Team
  • Steps to Building a Lean Team
    • Designing Teams
    • Clarity of Purpose
    • Top to Bottom
    • Business Focus
    • Who Makes What Decisions?
    • Clarifying or Redefining Management Roles

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