JNCIE-SEC Bootcamp

Course Number:



Course Duration:
5 days


Students should have passed the Juniper Networks Certified Internet Professional-Security (JNCIP-SEC) written exam or achieved an equal level of expertise.

Course Objectives:
Course Outline:
  • Course Introduction


  • Exam Strategies
    • Prior to the Exam
    • Exam Day
    • After the Exam


  • Infrastructure Concepts
    • Section Topics
    • System Tasks
    • Zones
    • Issues and Tips
    • Infrastructure and Zones Lab


  • Building Clusters
    • Setting Up Clustering
    • Redundancy Groups and Reth Groups
    • Failovers
    • Issues and Tips
    • Creating Clusters Lab


  • Security Policies
    • Security Policies
    • ALGs
    • Schedulers
    • Bypass Flow Forwarding
    • Logging
    • Issues and Tips
    • Building Security Policies Lab


  • IPsec VPNs
    • Overview of VPN Configuration
    • IKE Proposals, Policies and Gateways
    • IPsec Proposals, Policies and Gateways
    • Route-Based, Dynamic and Certificate-Based VPNs
    • Identifying IPsec Issues
    • Issues and Tips
    • Building IPsec VPNs Lab


  • Network Address Translation
    • Implementation of NAT
    • Source NAT
    • Destination NAT
    • Static NAT
    • Overlapping IP Addresses
    • Verification Commands and Common Issues
    • Network Address Translation Lab


  • Attack Prevention
    • Overview of Attack Prevention
    • IDP
    • AppSecure
    • Additional Prevention Capabilities
    • Issues and Tips
    • Attack Prevention Lab


  • Unified Threat Management and Screen Options
    • Overview of UTM
    • Web Filtering
    • Anti-Virus
    • Screen Options
    • UTM and Screen Options Lab


  • Extended Implementation Concepts
    • Transparent Mode
    • Filter-Based Forwarding
    • Extended Implementations Lab


  • JNCIE-SEC Full Lab Simulation
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