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This course benefits individuals who have already honed their skills on enterprise routing and switching technologies and require practical experience in the lab environment, practice and tips in preparation for the JNCIE-ENT exam.
Course Duration:
5 days


Students should have passed the Juniper Networks Certified Internet Professional – Enterprise (JNCIP-ENT) written exam or achieved an equal level of expertise through Juniper Networks courses and hands-on experience.

Course Objectives:

After successfully completing this course, students will become:

  • Be better prepared for success in taking the JNCIE-ENT lab performance exam
  • Be well-versed in exam topics, environment and conditions that apply to advanced Enterprise Network conditions
Course Outline:
  • Course Introduction


  • Exam Tips and Preparation
    • Preparing for Your Exam
    • The Testing Environment
    • State of the Network
    • Testing Tips
    • Exam Completion


  • System Services and Security
    • NTP
    • Syslog
    • Configuration Archival
    • User Accounts and Authentication
    • RPM
    • Firewall Filters


  • Ethernet Switching
    • Spanning Tree Protocols
    • VLANs
    • Virtual Chassis
    • Layer 2 Security


  • Interfaces
    • IPv6 Addressing
    • Aggregated Ethernet
    • GRE Tunnels
    • LT Interfaces
    • Ethernet OAM
    • VRRP
    • BFD


  • IGP Implementation
    • Configuring and Monitoring OSPFv2 and OSPFv3
    • Implementing Multi-Area OSPF Topologies
    • Filtering and Summarizing Routes
    • Redistributing Routes


  • IGP Troubleshooting
    • Troubleshooting IGP Adjacencies and Routing Loops


  • BGP Implementation
    • Configuring and Monitoring BGP
    • Routing Policy
    • Route Selection
    • 4-Byte AS
    • Multihomed Stub-AS


  • BGP Troubleshooting
    • Troubleshooting IGP Adjacencies and Routing Loops


  • Protocol Independent Routing
    • Load Balancing
    • Filter-Based Forwarding
    • Configuring Static, Aggregate and Generate Routes


  • Multicast Implementation
    • Configuring Multicast
    • SSM
    • RP Redundancy


  • Class of Service Implementation
    • Classification
    • Loss Priority
    • Scheduling
    • Drop Profiles or RED
    • Rewrites
    • Shaping and Policing


  • JNCIE-ENT Full Lab Simulation

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