JNCIA-JUNOS Bundle (Certification Course)

Course Number:



Course Duration:
2 days


Students should have basic networking knowledge and an understanding of the OSI model and the TCP/IP protocol suite.

Course Objectives:

After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Describe the basic design architecture of the Junos OS
  • Identify and provide a brief overview of Junos devices
  • Navigate within the Junos CLI
  • Perform tasks within the CLI operational and configuration modes
  • Restore a Junos device to its factory-default state
  • Perform initial configuration tasks
  • Configure and monitor network interfaces
  • Describe user configuration and authentication options
  • Perform secondary configuration tasks for features and services such as system logging (syslog) and tracing, Network Time Protocol (NTP), configuration archival and SNMP
  • Monitor basic operation for the Junos OS and devices
  • Identify and use network utilities
  • Upgrade the Junos OS
  • Perform file system maintenance and password recovery on a Junos device
  • Navigate within the Junos J-Web interface
  • Explain basic routing operations and concepts
  • View and describe routing and forwarding tables
  • Configure and monitor static routing
  • Configure and monitor OSPF
  • Describe the framework for routing policy
  • Explain the evaluation of routing policy
  • Identify instances where you might use routing policy
  • Write and apply a routing policy
  • Describe the framework for firewall filters
  • Explain the evaluation of firewall filters
  • Identify instances where you might use firewall filters
  • Write and apply a firewall filter
  • Describe the operation and configuration for unicast reverse path forwarding (RPF)
Course Outline:
  • Course Introduction


  • Junos Operating System Fundamentals
    • The Junos OS
    • Traffic Processing
    • Platforms Running the Junos OS


  • User Interface Options
    • User Interface Options
    • The Junos CLI: CLI Basics
    • The Junos CLI: Operational Mode
    • The Junos CLI: Configuration Mode


  • Initial Configuration
    • Factory-Default Configuration
    • Initial Configuration
    • Interface Configuration


  • Secondary System Configuration
    • User Configuration and Authentication
    • System Logging and Tracing
    • Network Time Protocol
    • Archiving Configurations
    • SNMP


  • Operational Monitoring and Maintenance
    • Monitoring Platform and Interface Operation
    • Network Utilities
    • Maintaining the Junos OS
    • Password Recovery
  • Appendix A: Interface Configuration Examples
    • Review of the Interface Configuration Hierarchy
    • Interface Configuration Examples
    • Using Configuration Groups


  • Appendix B: The J-Web Interface
    • The J-Web GUI
    • Configuration


  • Routing Fundamentals
    • Routing Concepts: Overview of Routing
    • Routing Concepts: The Routing Table
    • Routing Concepts: Routing Instances
    • Static Routing
    • Dynamic Routing


  • Routing Policy
    • Routing Policy Overview
    • Case Study: Routing Policy
    • Lab Two: Routing Policy


  • Firewall Filters
    • Firewall Filters Overview
    • Case Study: Firewall Filters
    • Unicast Reverse-Path-Forwarding Checks


  • Appendix A: Class of Service
    • CoS Overview
    • Traffic Classification
    • Traffic Queuing
    • Traffic Scheduling Case
    • Study: CoS

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