JIRA Project Management

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Master the knowledge needed to leverage JIRA’s flexible issue tracking tools within your organization. This two-day course will introduce participants to JIRA and the key concepts of issues, workflows, Scrum boards and reporting. Basic JIRA management concepts will also be covered. Students will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of these concepts with hands-on labs that establish a foundation of experience.


Course Duration:
2 days


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Objectives:
  • Provide JIRA administrative training on the following modules:
    • JIRA Cloud JIRA v7.1
    • JIRA project management features
    • JIRA Agile (Scrum and Kanban)
    • JIRA workflow management
  • Provide general JIRA usage training on the following Jira modules:
    • JIRA Cloud JIRA v7.1f
Course Outline:
  • Introductions and Administration
  • High-Level JIRA Overview
    • Issue Overview
    • Workflow Overview
    • Project Overview
    • Portfolio Overview
    • Reports Overview
    • Agile Overview


  • JIRA Administration and Configuration
    • Global versus Project Level Configuration Choices
    • Issue Types
    • Issue Sets (Issue Type Scheme)
    • Field Sets (Field Configurations)
    • Screen sets (Issue Type Screen Schemes)
    • Permission Schemes
    • Statuses and Priorities
    • Workflows
      • Statuses
      • Transitions
      • Agile versus Standard
    • Permissions
    • Roles


  • Project structure
    • Configurable
      • Permissions
      • Workflow Rules
      • Issue Type Content
      • Notifications
      • Versions/Releases
      • Components


  • Plug-In Overview
    • Portfolio Plug-Ins
    • Tempo Plug-Ins


Day Two


  • Jira End User Overview


  • Introduction to Issues and Issue Tracking
    • Descriptive Information
    • Dates
    • Priority
    • Status
    • Ownership
    • Lab


  • Working with Issues
    • Creating Issues
    • Logging Work
    • Changing Status
    • Closing Issues
    • Notifications
    • History/Audit trail
    • Lab


  • JIRA Agile Add-On
    • Kanban Boards
      • Creating
      • Configuring
      • Kanban Related Reporting
    • Scrum Boards
      • Creating
      • Configuring
      • Scrum Related Reporting
    • Simplified Agile Workflows versus Standard Workflows



  • JIRA Labs
    • Admin Lab
      • Lab Employing Administrator Skills Outlined Earlier in Course
    • Kanban Lab
      • End User Lab Highlighting Kanban Features and Workflows
    • Agile Lab
      • End User Lab Highlighting Agile Features and Workflows


  • Searching and Reporting
    • Filters
    • Basic and JQL Based
    • Standard Reports
    • Customizable Reports
    • Dashboards
    • Optional Add-On: All-In-One JIRA Reports


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