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nTier Training’s JavaScript Training Course teaches JavaScript using a unique, classroom-tested learning path that contains hundreds of small, easy-to-understand examples to demonstrate the full range of JavaScript’s power. One step at a time, this course guides new JavaScript programmers through every essential technique, from script setup to advanced DOM and CSS programming.


Course Duration:
2 days


There are no required prerequisites, but knowledge of HTML is helpful.

Course Objectives:
  • Data types, literals and variables
  • Operators, control structures and functions
  • Building dialog boxes and working with JavaScript objects using the Browser object
  • Navigator, windows frames dynamic images and links
  • Event handling, regular expressions and form validation
  • The JavaScript Document Object Model (DOM), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and Dynamic HTML
Course Outline:
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • What JavaScript Is and What JavaScript Is Not
  • What JavaScript Is Used For
  • JavaScript and Events
  • What Versions? What Browsers?
  • Where to Put JavaScript
  • JavaScript and Old or Disabled Browsers
  • JavaScript from External Files
  • Script Setup
  • The HTML Document and JavaScript
  • Generating HTML and Printing Output
  • About Debugging
  • The Building Blocks: Data Types, Literals, and Variables
  • Variables
  • Bugs to Watch For
  • Exercises
  • Dialog Boxes
  • Interacting with the User Exercises
  • Operators
  • About JavaScript Operators and Expressions
  • Types of Operators Number, String, or Boolean?
  • Datatype Conversion
  • Special Operators
  • Control Structures, Blocks, and Compound Statements
  • Conditionals
  • Loops
  • Functions
  • What Is a Function?
  • Debugging
  • Objects
  • What Are Objects?
  • User-Defined Objects
  • Manipulating Objects
  • JavaScript Core Objects
  • What Are Core Objects?
  • Array Objects
  • Array Properties and Methods
  • The Date Object
  • The Math Object
  • What Is a Wrapper Object?
  • The Browser Objects: Navigator, Windows, and Frames
  • JavaScript and the Browser Object Model
  • The Document Objects: Forms, Images, and Links
  • The Document Object Model
  • Introduction to Forms
  • Introduction to Images
  • Introduction to Links
  • Handling Events
  • Introduction to Event Handlers
  • Event Handlers as JavaScript Methods
  • Handling a Window or Frame Event
  • Handling Mouse Events
  • Handling Link Events
  • Handling a Form Event
  • Handling Key Events: onKeyPress, onKeyDown, and onKeyUp
  • Handling Error Events
  • The event Object
  • Regular Expressions and Pattern Matching
  • What Is a Regular Expression?
  • Creating a Regular Expression
  • Getting Control–The Metacharacters
  • Form Validation with Regular Expressions
  • Cookies
  • What Are Cookies?
  • Creating a Cookie with JavaScript
  • Dynamic HTML: Style Sheets, the DOM, and JavaScript
  • What Is Dynamic HTML?
  • What Is a Style Sheet?
  • Types of Style Sheets
  • Where Does JavaScript Fit In?
  • JavaScript Web Resources
  • HTML Documents: A Basic Introduction
  • Intro to the Intro
  • What Is HTML? HTML Tags
  • The Minimal HTML Document
  • Character Formatting
  • Linking
  • Adding Comments
  • Case Sensitivity
  • Graphics and Images
  • Troubleshooting
  • Metatags, Cascading Style Sheets, and Java
  • Looking Behind the Scenes, or; What Did We Do Before the Right-Click?
  • What About Frames?
  • CGI and Perl: They Hyper Dynamic Duo
  • What Is CGI?
  • Internet Communication Between Client and Server
  • Creating a Web Page with HTML
  • How HTML and CGI Work Together
  • Log Files
  • Where to Find CGI Applications
  • Getting Information Into and Out of the CGI Script
  • Processing Forms with CGI
  • The CGIpm Module

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