JavaFX(JFX) is a set of graphics and media packages intended for delivering desktop applications, as well as rich internet applications (RIAs) that can run across a wide variety of devices.

This is an introductory course in JavaFX Programming. JavaFX is the successor to Java Swing and Java 2D/3D for client-side graphical user interfaces. Because JavaFX is a comprehensive set of APIs, the toolkit can be used by any Java developer to enrich the user experience of Java applications. Topics include:

  • Basic Scene Graph Architecture
  • Shapes and Effects
  • Layout Components
  • JavaFX Properties and Binding
  • UI Controls

Can be combined with additional modules:
FXML, Scene Builder, JavaFX Concurrency, JavaFX and Web Services, JavaFX 3D, JavaFX Media, JavaFX Graphics and Animation, JavaFX and CSS

Course Duration: 3 Days

Solid Java programming skills are required. A minimum of 6 months hands on Java coding or a Java Boot Camp is strongly recommended.

Course Objectives:
  • Understand the JFX framework and how it fits into JEE
  • Code solutions using Stages, Scenes and Graphs
  • Practice with applications that show the JFX life-cycle
  • Get hands on experience with multiple controls and events
  • Learn to choose and implement the correct layout
  • Be exposed to the most popular component controls
  • Understand and practice binding and proper property implementation
  • Learn some of the core charting features of JavaFX
Course Outline:

Introduction and Fundamentals

  • JavaFX The Framework
  • Stage and Scenes
  • Nodes and Scene Graphs
  • An Overview of Layouts
  • The Life-cycle
  • Understanding the FXML file

Events and Controls

  • The Event Class
  • Event Handlers
  • Event Dispatch Chain
  • Label and Button
  • CheckBox
  • Handling Key and Mouse Events
  • Filtering and Consuming Events

Layout Components

  • Layout Panes
  • Region and Pane
  • HBox and VBox
  • FlowPane
  • TilePane
  • GridPane
  • StackPane
  • BorderPane
  • AnchorPane

UI Control Fundamentals

  • RadioButton and ToggleButton
  • CheckBox and ChoiceBox
  • ComboBox
  • ScrollBar and Slider
  • TextField and PasswordField
  • ProgressBar and ProgressIndicator
  • TextArea

– Composite UI Controls

  • Menu, MenuBar, MenuItem
  • ContextMenu and Tooltip
  • ColorPicker and DatePicker
  • ListView and TableView
  • TreeView and TreeTableView

Properties and Bindings

  • JavaFX Properties
  • Property Listeners
  • Unidirectional Binding
  • Bidirectional Binding
  • Understanding Key Interfaces

Charts and WebView

  • JavaFX Chart API
  • XY Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • WebView Fundamentals