Java Development Boot Camp

Course Number:



Course Duration:
10 days


We recommend six months of programming experience with an object-oriented language (Java, C#,, C++).


Course Objectives:
  • Learn to integrate Agile, TDD and OOAD
  • Get hands-on, intensive experience using OO principles
  • Learn to apply design patterns in the real world
  • Equip your project team to give the best ROI possible
Course Outline:
  • Definitions and Uses of Test-Driven Development
  • Test-Driven Development Benefits
  • Test-Driven Developments Anti-Patterns
  • Definition and Motivation for OOP
  • OOP “First Principles”
  • Use Cases
  • Sequence Diagrams
  • “Turning Straw into Gold” – Using UML
  • Agile Software Development and What it Means for Information Technology
  • Commonality and Variance
    • Fundamentals of Commonality/Variability Analysis (CVA)
    • How to Handle Variations as We Get New Requirements
      • Delegation
        • How Various Design Patterns Leverage Delegation
        • Strategy Pattern
      • What is Refactoring
      • Handling API Changes
      • Refactoring and Testing
      • Using Abstraction
        • Importance of Depending on Abstraction
        • Model-View-Controller
          • Differentiating between the Model 1 and Model 2 Architectures
          • Managing Access
            • How a Dynamic Proxy Works
            • Dynamic Responsibilities
              • Adding Functionality Flexibility
              • Decorator Pattern – Class Diagram
              • Writing a Custom I/O Decorator
            • Optional Appendixes
              • Javadocs
              • Open UP
              • Extreme Programming (XP)

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