This course introduces students to the Solr platform. Through a combination of lecture, discussion and labs, students will gain hands-on experience configuring effective search and indexing.

The class begins with basic Solr installation and configuration then teaches the attendees the search features of Solr. Students will gain experience with faceting, indexing and search relevance among other features central to the Solr platform. The course concludes with a number of advanced topics, including spell checking, suggestions, Multicore and SolrCloud.

Audience: This course is appropriate for developers, business users and administrators.
Course Duration: 3 Days

All attendees should be experienced technical staff with a background in web application operations and preferably development as well.

Hardware and Software Requirements:

Amazon EC2 servers will be provided for installation, administration and lab work. Students will need a SSH client and a browser to access the cluster.

There is no need to install Solr software on students’ machines.

Course Objectives:
  • To provide experienced web developers and technical staff with a comprehensive introduction to the Solr search platform
  • To teach software developers skills for creating search solutions
Course Outline:
  • Fundamentals
    • Solr Overview
    • Installing and Running Solr
    • Adding Content to Solr
    • Reading a Solr XML Response
    • Changing Parameters in the URL
    • Using the Browse Interface
  • Searching
    • Sorting Results
    • Query Parsers
    • More Queries
    • Hardwiring Request Parameters
    • Adding Fields to Default Search
    • Faceting
    • Result Grouping
  • Indexing
    • Adding Your Own Content to Solr
    • Deleting data from Solr
    • Building a Bookstore Search
    • Adding Book Data
    • Exploring the Book Data
    • Dedupe Update Processor
  • Schema Updating
    • Adding Fields to the Schema
    • Analyzing Text
  • Relevance
    • Field Weighting
    • Phrase Queries
    • Function Queries
    • Fuzzier Search
    • Sounds-Like
  • Extended Features
    • More-Like-This
    • Geospatial
    • Spell Checking
    • Suggestions
    • Highlighting
    • Pseudo-Fields
    • Pseudo-Joins
    • Multilanguage
  • Multicore
    • Adding More Kinds of Data
  • SolrCloud
    • Introduction
    • How SolrCloud Works
    • Commit Strategies
    • ZooKeeper
    • Managing Solr Config Files
  • Developing with Solr API
    • Talking to Solr through REST
    • Configuration
    • Indexing and Searching
    • Solr and Spring
  • Developing with Lucene API
    • Building a Lucene Index
    • Searching, Viewing, Debugging
    • Extracting Text with Tika
    • Scaling Lucene Indices On Clusters
    • Lucene Performance Tuning
  • Conclusion
    • Other Approaches to Search
      • ElasticSearch
      • DataStax Enterprise: Solr+Cassandra
      • Cloudera Solr Integration
      • Blur
    • Future directions