This hands-on introductory course will introduce OpenStack and teach participants to administer a private cloud. Other topics covered include installation, configuration and automation.

Audience: This course is designed specifically for administrators responsible for a private cloud.
Course Duration: 5 days
Course Outline:
  • Introduction to OpenStack (One-Day)


  • OpenStack Introduction (Half-Day)
    • OpenStack and Private Cloud Overview
    • OpenStack Project History
    • OpenStack Features


  • OpenStack Private Cloud (Half-Day)
    • Driving IT Agility
    • OpenStack Use Cases
    • OpenStack Architecture
    • OpenStack Demo


  • Installation and Configuration (One-Day)
    • OpenStack Installation
    • OpenStack Storage Setup
    • OpenStack Compute Setup
    • OpenStack Networking Setup


  • OpenStack Setup (Half-Day)
    • OpenStack Security Model and Setup
    • OpenStack Multi-Tenant Architecture
    • Troubleshooting OpenStack


  • OpenStack Private Cloud Operations and Integration (One-Day)
    • Monitoring OpenStack
    • OpenStack Disaster Recovery
    • Upgrading OpenStack Installation
    • Growing and Scaling OpenStack Private Cloud


  • OpenStack Automation and Integration (Half-Day)
    • OpenStack Automation
    • OpenStack Orchestration
    • OpenStack as a Private Cloud: Metering and Chargeback
    • OpenStack in a Hybrid IT Data Center: Legacy Environment Integration