Introduction to Angular 2

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  • Introduction
    • What is Angular 2?
    • Angular 1 vs Angular 2 comparison
    • Installing and using Angular 2
    • Basic Angular 2 application demonstration
    • Anatomy of Angular 2 application – application file, component file, main directives, etc.


  • Introduction to TypeScript and ES6
    • Overview of languages applicable to Angular 2
    • TypeScript syntax
    • Typing – defining variables
    • Typing – defining arrays
    • Typing – classes and objects
    • Interfaces
    • Working with modules
    • TypeScript transpilation techniques
    • Introduction to template strings


  • Angular 2 Components
    • What is a component?
    • Component starter
    • Developing a simple to-do list component


  • Data and Event Binding
    • Binding syntax
    • Two-way binding of input fields
    • Binding events
    • Combining data binding with events


  • Attribute Directives
    • Introduction to directives
    • Directive types
    • Applying styles based on directives
    • Controlling element visibility
    • Setting image source dynamically
    • ngFor – using with templates and creating tables
    • ngSwitch – swapping out view elements


  • Template-Driven Forms
    • Preventing default with form submission
    • Field data validation
    • Binding to object variables


  • Service and Dependency Injection
    • How to create a basic service
    • Service injection
    • Dependency injection basics
    • Sharing services


  • HTTP
    • Basic GET, POST, PUT, DELETE request overview
    • Wrapping HTTP calls into services
    • Using promises to implement HTTP calls


  • Application Architecture
    • Using services to create stateless functionality
    • Component best practices
    • Angular 2 production considerations
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