Hadoop for Executives and Managers

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This interactive seminar with Q&A explores the brave new world of Big Data for executives, IT managers and investors who want to learn about Hadoop and Big Data. High-level topics covered include benefits, business opportunities, challenges, technologies and implementation stages.


This seminar is designed especially for executives, IT managers and investors.
Course Duration:
4 days


No prerequisites are required for this seminar.

Course Objectives:
  • Review Big Data challenges, potential and benefits
  • Understand Hadoop’s role in Big Data and the roles of related technologies
  • Survey typical use cases in various industries
  • Recognize the phases of Big Data technologies adoption in the enterprise
  • Preview of the future of Hadoop and Big Data
Course Outline:
  • Big Data Potential and Benefits
    • What is Big Data?
    • Sources
    • Quantities
    • Challenges of Processing
    • Technologies
    • Strategies
    • New Ways of Data Thinking
    • Uses and Benefits
    • Big Data Players, Their Approaches
    • Untapped Potential


  • Hadoop and Big Data Technologies
    • History of Hadoop Tools
    • Architectural Concepts
    • Who Is Using Hadoop?
    • Hadoop Skills and Job Market
    • Distributions and Support
    • Eight Use Cases: How Hadoop Can Help You


  • Typical Use Cases in Various Industries/Sectors
    • Note: This section may be tailored to fit a specific sector(s)
    • Social Networking
    • Marketing and Advertising
    • Financial Risk / Insurance
    • Healthcare
    • Law Enforcement
    • Sales and Market Analytics
    • Fraud Detection
    • Litigation
    • Government and Politics
    • Language, Meaning, Feeling
    • Human Resources


  • Hadoop and Big Data Adoption
    • Hadoop Benefits: Storage and Processing
    • Hadoop Ecosystem
    • Integration with Hadoop (BI Tools, Databases, Visualization, etc.)
    • What is Possible: Batch Analysis, Real Time Analysis, Analytics
    • Competing and Complementing Technologies (Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, etc.)
    • Planning Adoption: Use Cases, Pilot Projects, Implementations
    • Key Challenges of Adopting Hadoop and Big Data
    • Production and Beyond
    • The Role of Iterative Design and Development


  • The Future of Big Data and Hadoop
    • Adoption Trends
    • Hadoop Developments and Alternatives
    • What’s Next for Big Data?

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