This course teaches participants how to adopt and use GIT to manage source control.

Audience: Software developers, DevOps, system administrators moving to GIT.
Course Duration: 1 day
Course Outline:
  • Review of Basic Revision Control Concepts


  • Introduction to GIT
    • History of GIT
    • Whose using GIT
    • Core GIT Concepts
    • Adopting GIT


  • Setting Up GIT
    • Installing GIT
    • Configuring GIT
    • Accessing GIT


  • Working with GIT
    • Understanding the Repository Structure
    • Adding, Committing and Viewing Commits
    • Renaming, Moving and Removing Files
    • Analyzing Logs and History


  • Advanced Source Control Concepts
    • Creating and Managing Branches
    • Merging Branches
    • Analyzing Diffs and Their Options
    • Resolving and Merging Conflicts


  • Remote Repositories
    • Working with a Remote Repository
    • Setting Up / Publishing a Repository
    • Understanding the Repository Structure
    • Working with Multiple Repositories
    • Working with GitHub


  • Using GIT with Your Automated Build System