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Participants of this course will learn Tibco Spotfire intricacies and real world applications. This course is designed for those just beginning in administration, development and for those with a need to understand the role Spotfire can provide on-premise, or in cloud environments.


Course Duration:


Course Objectives:
Course Outline:
  • Welcome to Spotfire
    • Spotfire Architecture
    • Benefits & Key Features
  • How to install, system requirements & “Best Practices”
  • Tibco Spotfire administration
    • Managing users, groups & the information library
    • Integration and patch management
    • Intro to Plug-ins
    • Performance Monitoring Overview
  • Tibco Spotfire Analyst
    • Getting Started
    • Understanding the Application Architecture
    • Tibco Best Practices
      • Guided Analytics
      • Labels & Titles
      • Color Schemas
  • Document Properties
  • Legends & Filters
  • Data Sources
    • Types of data sources
    • Embedding
    • Library Links
    • On-Demand Data
    • Disparate resources
    • Connectors
  • Charts & Graph
    • Introduction & Overview
    • Choosing the right chart & graph
    • Properties
    • Custom Expressions
  • More Features
    • Trellis
    • Bookmarks
    • Lists
    • Automation
    • Advanced Library features
  • Tibco Spotfire Webplayer
    • Introduction
    • Benefits & Features
    • Customizing & Co-Branding
  • Spotfire SDLC
    • Approaches to Development, QA, Staging &Production environment within the lifecycle
    • Version control & File management
  • Labs & Application
    • Visualizations
    • Data Wrangling
    • Big Data
    • Dynamic Data & Bound Controls
    • On-Demand Data
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