EXTENDING ANALYSIS with R for Tibco Spotfire

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This course is designed for power users and data scientists as an introduction to the TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR) environment with focus on using R language scripting to extend the capabilities of Spotfire.


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Course Objectives:
Course Outline:
  • Introduction to R
    • What is R? Why use R?
    • What is TERR? Why use TERR?
    • Getting started with R
  • Introduction to TERR
    • Why use TERR and Spotfire
    • How to use TERR in Spotfire
    • TERR Expression functions
    • TERR data functions
    • Applying TERR with Spotfire clients
  • TERR and Spotfire Architecture
    • Spotfire Analyst & Desktop using embedded data
    • Tibco Spotfire Statistics Services
    • Publishing & TERR functions to Spotfire Webplayer
    • Performance Monitoring Overview
  • Setting up the TERR Spotfire environment
    • TERR console
    • TERR with RStudio
    • Package installations
    • Installing OPEN SOURCE
  • TERR Expression Functions
    • Creating & Running
    • Modifying
    • Input/ Output Parameters
    • Progress, Warnings & Errors
    • Troubleshooting
    • More ways to insert data functions
    • Use action controls to refresh data functions
    • Examples

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