Crystal Reports 2011 – Level Two

Course Number:


This course is designed for people who know how to create basic list and group reports but need to create reports that include subreports, cross-tabs, advanced formulas and charts based on more than one data series.

After participating, they will be able to create complex reports using Crystal Reports’ tools.


Course Duration:
2 days


Students should participate in Crystal Reports 2011: Level 1 before taking this course. Knowledge of programming and/or SQL is also helpful.

Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Create automatic and manual running totals
  • Work with cross-tab reports
  • Add subreports
  • Create drill-downs in a report
  • Use SQL statements in report processing
  • Create complex formulas
  • Add charts to reports
  • Enhance report functionality
Course Outline:
  • Creating Running Totals
    • Create a Running Total Field
    • Modify a Running Total Field
    • Create a Manual Running Total


  • Working with Cross-Tabs
    • Create a Cross-Tab Report
    • Format a Cross-Tab Report
    • Create Groups in Cross-Tab Reports


  • Adding Subreports
    • Insert a Subreport
    • Edit a Subreport
    • Share Variables


  • Creating Drill-Downs in a Report
    • Create a Drill-Down
    • Create Headings for Drill-Down Data


  • Using SQL Statements in Report Processing
    • Create a Report Using SQL Queries
    • Summarize Report Data
    • Create Joins Using SQL
    • Create Subqueries
    • Create a SQL Expression Field


  • Creating Complex Formulas
    • Work with Loops
    • Work with Arrays
  • Adding Charts to Reports
    • Create Charts
    • Create a Chart with a Drill-Down
    • Create a Top N Chart
    • Create a Cross-Tab Chart
    • Create Charts for Grouped Data
    • Format a Chart
    • Create a Chart Template


  • Enhancing Report Functionality
    • Organize Data Based on a Hierarchy
    • Create a Dynamic Image
    • Create a Report Alert
    • Create a Geographic Map


  • Managing Reports
  • Processing Data on the Server
  • Detecting and Fixing Problems


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