A Comprehensive Approach to ElasticSearch and Kibana

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This course provides a practical, all-encompassing overview of the use, architecture, scaling, configuration and development of ElasticSearch and Kibana as a distributed search and reporting solution.


The course is for those who want to gain understanding of the extensive features of the ElasticSearch search server and the Kibana data visualization and dashboard system.
Course Duration:
2 days


Course Objectives:
  • Understand what ElasticSearch is and why/how it is different
  • Learn about Kibana and how it interacts with ElasticSearch
  • Study distributed/sharded services and how membership managed in ElasticSearch
  • Understand core search analytics, including the data types and the queries involved
  • Know the extended search analytics provided
  • Learn tuning and optimization techniques in ElasticSearch
  • Know operational concerns of ElasticSearch
  • Explore ElasticSearch Integration with other systems
Course Outline:
  • Distributed Search vs. Standard Databases
  • ElasticSearch Defined
  • Basic Terminology
  • Installation/setup, Basic Operation, Configuration
  • APIs and Gateways
  • Clusters, Shards and Replicas
  • Mappings, Multiple Indices, Index Aliases and Cross-Index Operations
  • Basic Loading and Data Management
  • Loading Data from Alternative Sources
  • Lucene Search Basics and Search Query DSL
    • Query And Filter Context
    • Match All Query
    • Full Text Query
    • Term Level Query
    • Compound Query
    • Joining Query
    • Geographic Query
  • Cluster State Recovery, Replica Configuration, Routing, Shard Over Allocation
  • Capacity Planning, Performance Tuning And Memory Allocation
  • Understanding Event Data and Aggregations
  • Connecting Kibana to Elasticsearch
  • Data Discovery In Kibana
  • Designing Reports/Dashboards In Kibana
  • Kibana Discover Interface
  • Kibana Visualize Interface

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