Citrix NetScaler 11 Advanced Implementation

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Designed for students with previous NetScaler experience, this course is best suited for individuals who will be deploying or managing advanced NetScaler environments. Specifically, administrators, implementers/engineers and architects.
Course Duration:
5 days


We recommend students participate in Citrix NetScaler 10.5 Essentials and Networking prior to taking this course.

Course Objectives:
  • Identify common web attacks and vulnerabilities
  • Write PERL compatible regular expressions
  • Configure Citrix Application Firewall to protect web applications
  • Troubleshoot Citrix Application Firewall
  • Install and configure NetScaler Insight Center to monitor performance
  • Install, configure and use Citrix Command Center to manage NetScaler devices
  • Configure and use additional advanced features of NetScaler including NetScaler Web Logging, HTTP callout and AAA authentication for web applications
Course Outline:
  • Getting Started
    • Introduction to the NetScaler System


  • Advanced Troubleshooting
    • Troubleshooting Resources
    • NetScaler System Overview
    • nCore Configuration Architecture
    • Built-In Tools
    • Real-Time Performance Statistics
    • Historical Statistics
    • Third-Party Tools


  • Introducing Application Firewall
    • Application Attacks
    • The Benefits of Application Firewall
    • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
    • Packet Processing Inspection
    • Profiles and Policies


  • Profiles and Policies
    • Profiles
    • Policies
    • Engine Settings


  • Regular Expressions
    • Forms of Regular Expressions
    • Using Regular Expressions
    • Metacharacters and Literal Characters
    • Metacharacters
    • Escapes
    • Quantifier
    • Back Referencing
    • Look Heads
    • Regular Expression Scope


  • Attacks and Protections
    • Security Checks
    • HTTPS Web Applications
    • Buffer Overflow Exploits and Protection
    • Parameter Manipulation
    • Server Misconfiguration
    • Deny URL Protection
    • SQL Injection
    • HTML SQL Injection Protection
    • Command Injection
    • Field Format Protection
    • Cookie Tampering and Poisoning
    • Cookie Consistency Protection
    • Form/Hidden Field Manipulation
    • Form Field Consistency Protection
    • Forceful Browsing
    • Start URLs
    • Backdoors and Misconfigurations
    • URL Closure
    • Identity Theft Attacks
    • Credit Card Protection
    • Protecting Credit Cards
    • Errors Triggering Sensitive Information Leaks
    • Safe Object Protection


  • Application Firewall Troubleshooting
    • Application Firewall
    • Configuration Issues


  • Queuing and Connection Tuning
    • HTTP Connections
    • HTTP Connection Management and NetScaler
    • HTTP Behavior
    • TCP Buffering
    • Surge Queue
    • Surge Protection
    • Priority Queuing
    • HTTP Denial-of-Service Protection


  • Authentication, Authorization and Auditing
    • Users, Groups and Command Policies
    • External Authentication for System Users
    • AAA for Traffic Management
    • Configuration
    • Audit Logging


  • AppExpert Rate Limiting, HTTP Service Callout and Policy-Based Logging
    • HTTP Callouts
    • Configuring HTTP Callouts
    • HTTP Callout Use Cases
    • Configuring Rate Control
    • Rate Control Policy Scenarios
    • Policy-Based Logging


  • Command Center
    • Command Center Introduction
    • Command Center Clients
    • Server Requirements
    • Port Setting Requirements
    • Command Center Installation
    • Command Center Functionality
    • Command Center Administration


  • Insight Center
    • Insight Center Overview
    • AppFlow on the NetScaler System
    • How Insight Center Collects AppFlow Data
    • HDX Insight
    • HTML Injection


  • NetScaler Web Logging
    • NetScaler Web Logging Introduction
    • NetScaler System Configuration
    • NSWL Client Installation
    • NSWL Client Configuration
    • Troubleshooting Web Logging


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