C++ Programming for Non-C Programers Supplement

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This course provides a solid foundation in C++ for those without any C programming experience. This course will cover the features of the C++ language and emphasizes key object -oriented programming concepts.


This course is intended for programmers moving to object-oriented programming using C++.
Course Duration:
3 Days


Participants are recommended to have professional programming experience before attending this class.

Course Objectives:
Course Outline:
  • Course Introduction
    • Course Objectives
    • Course Overview


  • Getting Started
    • The First Program (hello.cpp)
    • Compile Steps
    • How to Compile and Run a Program


  • Data Types and Variables
    • Fundamental Data Types
    • Data Type Values and Sizes
    • Variable Declarations
    • Variable Names
    • Constants
    • Character Constants
    • String Constants


  • Operators and Expressions
    • What Are Expressions?
    • Arithmetic Operators
    • Relational Operators
    • Assignment Operator
    • Expressions Have Resulting Values
    • True and False
    • Logical Operators
    • Increment and Decrement Operators (++ and–)
    • Operate-Assign’ Operators (+=, *=, …)
    • Conditional Expression
    • Operator Precedence
    • Precedence and Order of Evaluation
    • Evaluation of Logical Operators
    • Type Conversions
    • The Cast Operator


  • Control Flow
    • Statements
    • if- else if () – else if ()
    • switch()
    • while()
    • do – while()
    • for()
    • The for() loop – Diagram
    • The Break Statement
    • The Continue Statement


  • Functions
    • What Is a Function?
    • Why Use Functions?
    • Anatomy of A Function
    • Arguments Passed by Value
    • When to Use the Return Statement
    • Returning Non-Integer Values
    • Functions in Multiple Source Files
    • The Concept of Variable Scope
    • Automatic Variables
    • Global (External) Variables
    • Static Variables
    • External Static Variables


  • Pointers and Arrays
    • What is a Pointer?
    • Pointer Operators
    • Why Use Pointers?
    • Arrays
    • The and Operator
    • Pointers and Arrays
    • Passing Arrays to Functions
    • Initializing Arrays
    • Strings and Character Pointers
    • What is char s[7] ???
    • Arrays of Pointers
    • Command Line Arguments


  • Structures
    • Comparison of Structures and Arrays
    • Structure Definitions
    • Structure Declarations
    • Arrays of Structures


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