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nTier’s one-day Scrum master add-on training course teaches students how to become servant leaders who lead, coach and guide teams to become self-organizing and high performing. This servant leader, called a Scrum master, knows that typical command-and-control management techniques only get you so far. In order to access a team’s true potential, the Scrum master must lead by example, place the team’s needs before their own and act as a coach, giving the team the freedom it needs to grow while establishing boundaries that protects the team, the project and the organization.

Accepted participants will learn how to be a Scrum Master, honing the practices and mindset proven to increase the agility of a development team, a project and an organization. Students will gain the skills necessary to become change agents within the organization, ensuring the proper execution of Scrum and facilitating transformation efforts more effectively. This class comes with the option for a written test to validate and certify learning at the end of the course.

This one-day add-on course can be delivered immediately following the Agile Foundations course or much later in the Agile Transformation process for individuals desiring to learn the skills needed to become effective Scrum masters.


This course is appropriate for anyone desiring to serve high-performing teams as a servant leader.
Course Duration:
1 Day


All participants are expected to understand Scrum basics prior to attending this course. We recommend completing a Certified Agile Practitioner – Agile Foundations or its equivalent prior to this add-on.

Course Objectives:
  • Gain the tools and techniques to build high performing teams
  • Learn how to serve your high performing team as a servant leader
  • Absorb the concepts of the Scrum Master as a coach, servant leader, and facilitator
  • Gain valuable facilitation skills to keep your team’s Scrum ceremonies on track
  • Understand how to form teams with insights on team structure, team purpose, and fostering collaboration
  • Learn to avoid common impediments and roadblocks by understanding the five dysfunctions of a team
Course Outline:
  • Agile Review – Agile Jeopardy™
  • Guiding the Self-Organizing Team
    • Leadership versus Management
    • Agile Leader Roles and Responsibilities
    • Servant Leadership
    • Changing Culture and Behavior
    • Motivating Knowledge Workers
    • Small Changes – When to Act
  • Team Development
    • Understanding Team Development
    • Characteristics of an Agile Team
    • Designing Meetings for Team Interaction
    • Dysfunctional Teams and Their Signs
  • Facilitation
    • Facilitating Meetings
    • Facilitating Sprint Planning
    • Facilitating Reviews
    • Facilitating Retrospectives
  • Coaching
    • Scrum Master and Product Owner Relationship
    • Coaching the Team
    • Coaching Individuals
  • Select Topics
    • Student Selected Topics
    • Lab: Identifying and Solving Common Problems
  • The Next Steps

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