Agile Practitioner – Product Owner

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Attendees typically include executives, product managers, product owners, consultants, lean-agile leaders and Agile change agents.
Course Duration:
2 Days


No prior experience is needed, as this course can be adjusted to fit any skill level.

Course Objectives:
  • Review the high-level concepts of Agile and Scrum
  • Understand the product owner role and their responsibilities in an agile environment
  • Learn to plan, initiate and lead a Scrum project
  • Understand the five levels of agile planning and how to apply them to agile projects
  • Gain an understanding of Lean development principles and how to apply them
  • Learn to identify, engage and involve business stakeholders in your agile project
  • Become familiar with agile product management within a large enterprise
Course Outline:
  • Agile Introduction
    • Agile Overview
    • Agile Manifesto
  • Scrum Overview
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • How It Works – The Ceremonies
    • Artifacts
    • Rules of Scrum
    • Definition of Done
  • Basic Lessons from Lean
    • Learn the Lean Principles
    • Understand the Seven Wastes
    • Value Stream Mapping
    • Grasp the Flow of Kanban
  • Product Owner Roles and Responsibilities
    • Will the Real Product Owner Please Stand Up?
    • The Product Owner and Scrum Master Team
    • Leading Self-Organizing Teams
    • Stake Holder Management
  • Adaptive Planning
    • Agile Planning Concepts
    • Multiple Levels of Planning
    • Agile Project Chartering and Pre-Planning
    • Product Roadmap
    • Customer Value Prioritization
    • Story Mapping
    • Minimally Marketable Feature (MMF)
  • Product Backlog
    • Defining the Product Backlog
    • User Stories – Business Functionality
    • Spikes and Technical Stories
    • Risk-Based Prioritization
    • Grooming and Prioritizing the Product Backlog
    • Product Backlog Lab
  • Agile Estimation
    • Relative Sizing
    • Team Estimation Method
    • Planning Poker
  • Release Planning
    • Release Planning Preparation
    • Release Planning Meeting
    • Velocity-Driven Release Planning
    • Fixed Schedule Release Planning
    • Measuring and Monitoring Progress
    • Release Planning Lab
  • Scaling Scrum
    • Scaling Frameworks Overview
    • Scaled Agile Framework
    • Portfolio and Program Backlog Flow

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