Advanced Junos Service Provider Troubleshooting (AJSPT)

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Individuals responsible for configuring and monitoring devices running the Junos OS.
Course Duration:
2 days


We recommend students participate Junos Troubleshooting in the NOC (JTNOC), Advanced Junos Service Provider Routing (AJSPR), Junos MPLS and VPNs (JMV), Junos Multicast Routing (JMR) and Junos Class of Service (JCOS) prior to attending this class.

Course Objectives:

After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Determine the right questions to ask when troubleshooting an issue
  • Identify general outputs and the type of information found in outputs
  • Simplify a complex network and recreate an issue in the lab environment
  • Describe packet loss in a network
  • List the general chassis components
  • Identify different methods for troubleshooting major chassis components
  • Troubleshoot redundant Routing Engine and Control Board communication
  • Isolate problems with interfaces
  • Troubleshoot IPv4 interfaces
  • Troubleshoot IPv6 interfaces
  • Identify an issue with software and the process of events to recreate the issue
  • Define a problem report (PR) and identify relevant information contained in a PR
  • Find relevant topics within the Juniper Networks Knowledge Base
  • List common commands used to troubleshoot and verify different interior gateway protocol (IGP) routing protocols
  • Troubleshoot and isolate different IGP issues
  • List common commands used to troubleshoot and verify BGP
  • Isolate different issues with BGP communication and configuration
  • Isolate problems on routing policy structure and configuration
  • Identify common commands for troubleshooting routing policy
  • Troubleshoot the MPLS signaling and forwarding plane
  • Troubleshoot Layer 3 VPNs
  • Troubleshoot Layer 2 VPNs
  • Troubleshoot virtual private LAN service (VPLS)
  • Verify and troubleshoot multicast
  • Verify and troubleshoot class of service
Course Outline:

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