Advanced Junos Enterprise Routing Troubleshooting

Course Number:



Individuals responsible for configuring and monitoring devices running the Junos OS.
Course Duration:
1 day


We recommend students participate in Junos Troubleshooting in the NOC (JTNOC) and Advanced Junos Enterprise Routing (AJER) prior to taking this course.

Course Objectives:

After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Determine the right questions to ask when troubleshooting an issue
  • Identify general outputs and the type of information found in outputs
  • Simplify a complex network and recreate an issue in the lab environment
  • Describe packet loss in a network
  • List the general chassis components
  • Identify different methods for troubleshooting major chassis components
  • Troubleshoot redundant Routing Engine and Control Board communication
  • Isolate problems with interfaces
  • Troubleshoot IPv4 interfaces
  • Identify an issue with software and the process of events to recreate the issue
  • Define a problem report (PR) and identify relevant information contained in a PR
  • Find relevant topics within the Juniper Networks Knowledge Base
  • List common commands used to troubleshoot and verify various interior gateway protocol (IGP) * routing protocols
  • Isolate different IGP issues
  • List common commands used to troubleshoot and verify BGP
  • Isolate different issues with BGP communication and configuration
  • Isolate problems relating routing policy structure and configuration
  • Identify common commands for troubleshooting routing policy
  • Verify and troubleshoot multicast
  • Verify and troubleshoot class of serviceD
Course Outline:

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