Advanced JavaScript with AJAX and HTML5

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This course elaborates on nTier’s basic JavaScript training, focused on three areas of client-side JavaScript programming. The first topic explores how to use prototypal inheritance in JavaScript for building robust and reliable applications. The second topic leverages the XMLHttpRequest object to perform AJAX requests. Finally, the third topic explains how to use the advanced features of HTML5 for building advanced client-side applications.


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Solid experience with JavaScript programming is required in addition to familiarity with HTML, CSS and knowledge of how websites work.

Course Objectives:
Course Outline:
  • Objects
    • Objects in the JavaScript Environment
    • Creating Objects
    • Making Objects with Constructor Functions
    • Inheritance Using Constructor Functions


  • Prototypes
    • Object Prototypes
    • Prototypal Inheritance
    • Overriding Methods
    • Mixins


  • AJAX
    • AJAX vs. Page Refreshes
    • Instantiating XMLHttpRequest
    • Formatting Requests
    • Rendering Responses


  • Geolocation
    • Geolocation Methods and Accuracy
    • Getting Location Information
    • Managing Location Updates


  • Web Workers
    • Distributing Tasks Across Multiple Processes
    • Creating New Web Worker Processes
    • Communicating Between Processes
  • Web Storage
    • Web Storage vs. Cookies
    • Types of Web Storage
    • Adding and Retrieving Data
    • Managing Web Storage and Exceptions


  • Offline Applications
    • Offline Applications vs. the Browser Cache
    • Declaring Offline Components


  • Canvas
    • Introducing the 2-D Drawing Canvas
    • Declaring a Canvas
    • Drawing Shapes and Text
    • Combining Events with the Canvas


  • Next Steps
    • Where to Go Next

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