This course provides hands-on experience using the TIBCO Spotfire SDK to extend the TIBCO Spotfire clients by building advanced extensions that extend the TIBCO Spotfire Document Object Model including custom visualizations and other extensions that maintain state.

Audience: Developers who need to need to automate, integrate, or control the control various features across the TIBCO Spotfire Platform
Course Duration: 2 to 3 days

Students are expected to be proficient in C#. We recommend participants take Spotfire Developer Essential Automation APIs with C# and Spotfire Essential Extensions prior to this course.

Course Objectives:
  • Understand what a Document Node is and how to create one
  • Learn how to create and attach custom nodes to the
  • Document Model to maintain state
  • Understand and develop the different types of Custom Visualizations
  • Learn how to create different representations of your data using data views
Course Outline:
  • Learning about Document Nodes
  • Creating and updating Document Nodes
  • Creating Custom Nodes
  • Creating Custom Visualizations
  • Creating Data Views
  • Creating Tools with State