Testing with JUnit 4 or JUnit 5 (Jupiter)

Course Number:



Course Duration:
2-3 Days (3 days with Migrating from JUnit 4)


Course Objectives:
  • Gain an understanding of what JUnit is and how to use it
  • Get hands on practice writing test methods and test fixtures
  • Understand how TDD can help you write better code, faster
  • Learn about common best practices and pitfalls
Course Outline:


  • Unit Testing Overview
    • Basic Principles
    • Automated Test
    • Testing The Right Things
  • Testing With JUnit
    • An Overview Of JUnit
    • JUnit Features and Advantages
    • Writing JUnit Test
    • Assertions
    • Test Methods
    • Exception Testing
    • Fixtures
    • The JUnit Test Lifecycle
    • Invocation Order
  • Best Practices
    • Test Are Real Code
    • Be Thorough
    • Test Your Inputs
    • Small vs Large
    • Break It
    • Bug Fixes
    • Goals
    • Anti-Patterns
  • Test Suites
    • Creating Test Suites
    • Executing Suites
    • Categories
  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
    • Overview
    • Principles and Techniques
    • Benefits and Limitations
    • Best Practices
    • TDD Anti-Patterns
  • Testable Design
    • Testable Code
    • Test Fakes, Stubs and Doubles
    • Mock Objects
  • Migrating from JUnit 4  (Optional 3rd Day)
    • Runtime issues
    • Categories
    • Annotations, Assertions and Assumptions
    • Rule support
    • Tips and Tricks

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