Test-Driven Development (TDD) in .NET

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Our Test Driven Development in .NET course will prepare software professionals to develop software with more confidence by introducing and reinforcing the best practices and principles related to Test Driven Development.

We’ll use the unit testing framework that comes with Visual Studio, including the free Community version, to write many example programs in C#.

Course Duration:

2 Days


Students need fundamental knowledge of the .NET Framework and hands on coding experience with C# in Visual Studio.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the motivation and purpose of TDD
  • Learn to be more efficient Visual Studio tools for unit testing
    Understand how to communicate more effectively with the entire DevOps team
  • Acquire the ability to write better code, faster
Course Outline:
  • Agile Team Practices
    • Overview
    • Principles
    • TDD & Agile Code Cycles
  • Test Driven Development
    • Overview
    • Principles and Techniques
    • Benefits and Limitations
    • Best Practices
    • Anti-patterns
  • Domain Driven Development
    • Overview
    • Benefits
  • Applied Object-Oriented Development
    • Motivation for Object-Oriented Development
    • Object-Oriented Principles and Practices
  • UML Essentials
    • Overview
    • Use Cases
    • Class Diagrams
    • Sequence Diagrams
  • Unit Testing
    • Tool Options
    • Setup and Teardown
    • Writing Unit Tests
    • Assertions
    • Running Unit Tests
    • Creating Lists of Unit Tests
    • Ignoring Unit Tests
    • Using Mocks/Fakes
  • Refactoring Your Code
    • Refactoring Defined
    • Refactoring Rules
    • When to Refactor
    • What to Refactor
    • How to Refactor
  • Code Coverage
    • Defining Code Coverage
    • Setting Up and Running Code Coverage

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