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Our Virtual Training…the Basics.


Agile is an evolutionary approach to product development that is performed in a highly collaborative manner by self-organizing teams within an effective governance framework. This produces a high quality product or service in a cost-effective and timely manner in order to meet the ever-changing needs of your stakeholders. Our vast experience in transforming, training, living, and breathing in both Agile and Traditional environments has afforded us many valuable insights that we would love to share with you.  At nTier, we consider ourselves tool, agency, and framework agnostic. Our only desire is to ensure your organization maximizes the benefits of good agile training combined with sound technical practices.

Why Our Agile?

  • We provide your individuals, teams, and leaders the opportunity to learn, have fun, and try the latest tools, techniques, and practices that can improve productivity, quality, and delight your customers…all in the convenience of your own classroom, conference room or even very own couch!
  • nTier classes are engaging, interactive, and developed using the latest cognitive neuroscience so your teams retain more information for longer.

Not sure which class is right for you?  We offer courses to fit all levels of experience from the most inexperienced individuals and teams to the most experienced and mature. To get a feel for what we offer, check out some of most popular courses below.

Our Most Popular Agile Courses

Agile (Scrum) Team Quick Launch (Recommended 4 Days)

Agile Practitioner Coaching (Recommended 3 Days)

Agile Facilitation (Recommended 2 Days)

Lean Kanban Practitioner (Recommended 3 Days)

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Java Programming

Java has firmly established itself as a staple of enterprise computing.  No other language and skill set has been or is in more demand. Java is more than just a programming language. It’s the foundation for the runtime environment of many different technologies.  In short, it’s also a platform.

Our Virtual Java Training

nTier Training provides comprehensive, in-depth training for Java and many related technologies. These classes are taught by experienced developers who code every day; Java is not just an academic exercise for us. We develop labs for Java, in Java, with the goal of accelerating learning for our students. Done right, the learning curve for Java is steep. We minimize the frustration and maximize the learning.

We do more than syntax training.  If you want to be an expert at searching the web for Java code snippets that may or may not work, go ahead and take that discount video course.  When you’re ready to understand how the Java platform works and write professional code, contact us for a free quote in less than 24 hours.

Our Most Popular Java Courses

Introduction to Java Programming (Recommended 5 Days)

Intermediate Java Training (Recommended 5 Days)

Java 8 Training (Recommended 5 Days)

Java Web Programming (Java Enterprise Editions) and REST (Recommended 5 Days)

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please be sure to check out our extensive java course catalog by clicking here.

We’ll fully customize your curriculum for you to minimize the time you need to take your team offline. If you think the pre-packaged, off the shelf Java training isn’t right for your group, reach out and let’s chat about your specific needs and how we can create or tailor a course to suit them.


What is Agile?

  • We firmly believe that Agile is nothing more than the collection of values and principles as expressed in the Agile Manifesto, which focuses on the delivery of true value to the customer.
  • Agile isn’t just for software or I.T. organizations, but any organizations that wants to thrive in their ever-changing marketplace.
  • Agile provides a mindset for focusing on business value, reducing risk, and being adaptive.
  • An Agile transformation will help your organization achieve a level of transparency and create a culture of continuous improvement that will drive out heavyweight processes that are keeping your organization from pivoting on a dime in reaction to market


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Java Facts!

  • A survey of technical job boards shows that Java makes up a staggering 30% of job postings for developers
  • Java is used by more than 90% of the Fortune 500
  • Java runs more than 3 billion devices
  • Our founder and many of our instructors have been doing Java since version 1.0
  • Gmail, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon and eBay are just a select few of the internet focused companies that use Java