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The nTier Commitment

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nTier Training was founded in 2006 on the core belief that there is a superior way to train technical teams. Ever since, nTier has developed countless bootcamps, Collegiate Code Academies, and corporate team training ensuring that our trainers are well-versed in every aspect of the industry. Even our CEO and owner, Ed Lance, still trains in our Collegiate Code Academies to this very day. For an in-depth look at our course catalog, click here.

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The nTier Approach

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  • 70% Hands-on Coding:

    • While we applaud the convenience of Google and Stackoverflow.com for code snippets, how much is it costing your organization to have developers constantly looking for code samples they should be able to write quickly by knowing their language?
  • Proprietary and Proven Approach:

    • A proprietary and proven approach developed over more than 20 years of teaching technology. Students will receive assistance as they learn, but in the end, they must prove they can code on their own and in a team environment to pass the course.
  • Students work on measurable software projects, not one-off labs:

    • Students will not be given the full requirements up front and must learn to handle new and changing requirements as they go. Each day students will be involved in activities that prove they’ve mastered learning objectives: Quizzes…Graded Labs…Homework…Projects.
  • Every lab is assessed:

    • Each lab is submitted and evaluated not only to see if “it works” but also given a grade based on seven key code qualities like proper coupling, cohesion, test coverage and more.
  • Cognitive Learning Science blending individual and team learning:

    • We ensure that they master both individual skills and learn to work effectively as a development team. We use key cognitive learning concepts like games and puzzles to reinforce learning or discover new concepts as well as continually introducing short activities to keep students involved and interested.
  • Accountability for results:

    • We hold ourselves, our instructors and our students to a very high standard and demand positive outcomes.
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In addition to having the lowest teacher/student ratio in the industry, we employ proven educational techniques to ensure student accountability, such as having review times built in daily and student-led teach backs.

Required to show up ready to go, students in our boot camps learn the meaning of being prepared. Cognitive learning research has proven learning is maximized when students prepare, present, and practice. We use a simple app to randomly call on students to present throughout each day. Subjects can range from simple review topics to giving an overview of their full application.

You are not alone in this. To learn more about our Collegiate Code Academies or discuss how we can customize a code school or bootcamp specifically for you, simply click here and we will reach out in less than 24 hours!