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Let Us Help You Succeed With Tableau®

With our Tableau® training, your current and/or new analysts will be starting well ahead of the curve in an ever-expanding field. Since we customize our courses and class daily work to your current data, your work will be practical and require no theorizing. You’ll work through and receive insights and dashboards that can immediately be used.

Empowering Your Everyday Analysts

The people in your organization who work with your data and your systems on a daily basis are in the best position to get more insight from those and turn that into strategic advantage. But, many of those people have not been formally trained in how to analyze and report on data.

You probably get reports from them every month that contain large tables of numbers, or spreadsheets with complicated formulas and some charts… but do you really have the insights you need to better manage your company or division? Do you know the impacts that decisions you make will have on the key financial metrics of the company? Tableau® helps bridge the gap between numbers and action. Let our training start you ahead of the number of competitors adopting Tableau® every day.

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Tableau® Analyst  (Recommended 2 Days)

Tableau® Like a Pro (Recommended 2 Days)

Tableau® Analysis Ninja (Recommended 3-4 Days)

Tableau® Prep (Recommended 2 Days)

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Make “Big Data” More than Just a Buzz Word

Our Tableau® training will ensure your everyday analysts make the shift from reporting…to analysis…to real, actionable insight. Contact us today for more information or simply click here to receive a free quote from one of our expert trainers in less than 24 hours!

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With our Tableau® training, you are:

  • focused in a classroom away from the constant distraction of emails, phone calls, and unscheduled meetings.
  • moving 50% faster than someone trying to learn Tableau® on their own without a hands-on, expert trainer.
  • learning not just Tableau® as a tool, but exactly how to apply it to your business.
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