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Agile has many unique flavors. We help organizations decide which option is best for them, coaching the development of intentional goals.

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Transitioning to Agile but not seeing the results you expected? nTier’s Lean-Agile fitness assessments identify problem areas to help you build a customized improvement plan.

The Challenge

Agile transformation is more about the journey than the destination, and though every journey is different, at some point everyone wants to know: How are we doing?

Some try to answer this question by comparing lagging indicators such as defect rates or revenues, but the amount of variables make it difficult to see the direct results of an Agile investment. Luckily, we can measure progress more accurately by identifying your organization’s specific indicators, which are often linked to your Agile goals. Once you know what to measure, you can focus on how to measure and how to keep these metrics from creating unintended behaviors.

The Solution

Partner with our expert enterprise and team Agile coaches, and leverage their extensive Agile transformation experience to:

  • Identify valuable metrics specific to your organization that demonstrate improvement and business value
  • Avoid the unintended negative behavior that often follows assessment
  • Equip your team to use nTier’s Agile Maturity Model or create your own assessment tool with guidance from a knowledgeable coach

Contact us to learn more about nTier’s Agile assessment process and receive a custom quote.

Don’t risk drifting back into old habits. Engage one of our Agile coaches and ensure your organization enjoys the benefits of Agile as soon as possible.

Benefits of Coaching

Our Agile coaches have a proven record of enabling teams and individuals to rapidly adopt and improve Agile practices by reshaping the way people think about developing software. Some of the benefits from having our coaches on site include:

  • Rapid creation of a strategic Agile adoption roadmap based on organizational context
  • Alternatives for tactical implementations formed in collaboration with organizational leaders
  • Faster adoption of fundamental Agile practices, enabling companies to enjoy Agile benefits early in the process
  • Accelerated velocity improvement through rapid adoption of more mature Agile and XP practices
  • Increased acceptance of Agile principles in daily thinking

Our Philosophy

Our coaches are Agile implementation veterans, eager to bring their in-depth knowledge and skills to your organization.  Philosophically, we are dogmatic about the Agile manifesto and its accompanying principles, yet very pragmatic about how the transformation takes place. We view training, mentoring and coaching as distinct but effective ways of learning, and define the latter two approaches as:

  • Agile coaching is a process during which a coach works with individuals or teams to enable them to mature their Agile implementation independently. Individuals or teams are enabled to arrive at their own answers about improving their implementation.
  • Agile mentoring takes place when the mentor provides answers, recommendations and next steps based on prior experience and overall objectives. Our coaches ensure that the individuals and teams understand how the recommendation(s) support the principles of agile software development.

There is time for both of these approaches, and our Agile coaches are adept at understanding when to coach and when to mentor.

Is your organization struggling to scale Agile across the enterprise? Are your technical practices or organizational culture preventing you from achieving enterprise agility? You’re not alone.

In today’s business landscape, organizations have no shortage of Agile scaling frameworks, but there is a lot of information to process before determining which scaling approach is right for them. There are no wrong answers, only what is right for your organization at a given time – even if that means a hybrid approach.

Our Agile coaches and trainers are experts in a variety of scaling approaches, including SAFe and other commonly adopted frameworks. We’re here to eliminate the pressure that comes with scaling Agile by helping you:

  • Compare and contrast different scaling frameworks
  • Determine the most important criteria for your organization when selecting a framework
  • Create a hybrid solution unique to your organization’s challenges if needed
  • Develop a plan to grow and nurture the selected framework throughout the enterprise

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Talk to a consultant about how we can help you achieve enterprise agility through a unique blend of discovery, planning, workshops, training and coaching.

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